Alexandra Park Project

A master plan is being prepared for the upgrading of facilities at Alexandra Park, Mornington, for the benefit of all sports clubs. These facilities have not changed significantly in many years despite significant growth in the number of cricket and football teams including the introduction of female teams. Alexandra Parks reminds visitors of its historic links to a seaside village. It maintains important social and recreational links with the local community and contributes to Mornington being a great place to live. Mornington commercial centre has grown significantly to become a vibrant commercial seaside hub enjoying seven day trading. It is now time to bring the facilities at Alexandra Park up to current day standards.

A project working group consisting of Martin Scanlon, Mick Wunderley and David Hampton have been working closely with consultants James Millar Architects on developing the Alexandra Park master plan. This plan considers improved ground lighting, additional cricket practice nets, upgraded public toilets and spectator areas. Player amenities are to be upgraded including the provision of female friendly facilities. The pavilion requires additional storage spaces for the many sporting groups and modern canteen facilities. A larger social space is required for use by sporting groups and the Mornington community, including better kitchen and bar facilities. There is much work to be done to improve the amenity for players, spectators and the community.

The master plan will guide future infrastructure upgrades and allow clubs to target funding and grant opportunities for improvement works. It will prioritize and give direction to sporting clubs plans for infrastructure works. It is anticipated the master plans will be released for community and sporting clubs comment within the next month. This is a really exciting initiative which will see Alexandra Park becoming one of the premium sports venues on the Mornington Peninsula.

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