MPNFL Divisional Competition Structures – 2018 Onwards

MPNFL Divisional Competition Structures – 2018 Onwards

Press Release - Thursday March 8, 2018 by SEAFL

AFL South East (AFLSE) will continue to strive to build a strong and vibrant divisional structure on the Mornington Peninsula after informing the 22 MPNFL clubs that it will no longer pursue a model that includes clubs from the South East Football Netball League (SEFNL) in 2019.

Recommendations to emerge from AFLSE's Senior Competition Review were for MPNFL clubs to form a two-tier divisional structure in 2018, with the eight SEFNL clubs to join forces to form a three-tier - promotion-relegation - competition next year.

But at a meeting on February 26, the AFLSE Commission discussed the status of the senior competition review, which included the outcome of a Special General Meeting of MPNFL clubs who passed a motion that would require 75% of clubs to vote in favour of any proposed changes to the MPNFL competition structure.

The Commission decision is to continue with its initial structures for 2018, but halt plans for the merge of the MPNFL and SEFNL clubs in 2019.

AFLSE Region General Manager John Anderson said that while not ideal, the decision would not stop the overall objective of growing football in the region.

"The Commission's preference remains for a senior regional competition which promotes even competition, an opportunity for new clubs to have an entry point and to grow the game in the region, something that has been lacking in the past," Anderson said.

"We will now work closely with the MPNFL clubs on the creation of a third division, within the geographic constraints of the Peninsula. Until such time whereby three divisions are possible, the MPNFL will comprise two divisions with promotion and relegation between both."

Anderson met with the eight SEFNL clubs on Monday night, exploring their potential possibilities moving forward.

"The early discussions have been extremely positive with the SEFNL clubs, and things look positive heading into 2019," Anderson explained.

"The Commission's charter is to act in the best interests of football and netball in the region, and we look forward to working closely with the SEFNL clubs to achieve this objective."

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