Outside the Locker Room Program

Mornington Football Netball Club has join forces with Outside the Locker Room in 2017 and beyond.
We understand that the pressures in society today are as great as ever for the young adults involved in our football and netball club. By joining forces with “OTLR” we will have a vehicle to provide support and promote personal development through empowerment, education and leadership both on and off the field.
This is an important time in the lives of our young members and if we can provide them this service and we can obtain some benefit out of it, both individually and as a club, we believe it is well worth pursuing.
The program will cover such difficulties as suicide prevention, drugs, alcohol and domestic violence as well as teaching our members to become leaders in the community.


Sunday 2nd April at our Season Launch our first session will be included in the day and we encourage all players, family, friends, members & our community to attend.

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