Round 1 vs Frankston YCW (Football/Netball)

Coaches Match Day Reports

Seniors- Coach Chris Holcombe

Round one against the reigning premiers, we jumped out of the blocks and played some fantastic footy in the first 30 minutes. 6 goals to 1 in the first quarter and 2017 was well and truly underway. New players Xavier Barry-Murphy, Rhys Healy and Dean Kairies were showing plenty, Jacko was looking dangerous up forward and midfield were winning the stoppage battle. An all in brawl at quarter time distracted us from the job at hand and YCW came back hard, dominating contested ball and getting back in front by 16 points at the main break. After half time the weather rolled in, the wind picked up and changed direction toward the end YCW were kicking to. We managed to narrow the gap to 11 points and had the breeze in the last quarter but the rain smashed down and YCW’s experience came to the fore and we fell short by 22 points. Emilio Bitters was fantastic off the half back flank all day, Joel Miller showed what a big preseason can do and Jake Smart’s pressure around the ball all day was fantastic. Encouraging signs from a side that hasn’t played much footy together, looking forward to bouncing back against Karingal this week.

Frankston YCW; 1.2, 10.8, 12.11, 14.13 (97)
Mornington; 6.1, 8.4, 11.6, 11.9 (75)
Goal Kickers: J. Calder 4, S. Seager 2, R. Healey, D. Whelan, P. McGettigan, W. Miller, R. Smith
Best Players: E. Bitters, R. Smith, J. Miller, X. Barry-Murphy, T. Kirwan, T. Susovich

Reserves - Coach Jeff Norman

The season is off and running and our opponents were Frankston YCW .The boys started of well plenty of run and taking control of the game early and went into a lead at the first break. The 2nd quarter we dropped of with our talk and run and at half time down were down by a couple of goals. The rest of the game was a tug of war & we kept on pushing right to the final siren and went down by 9 points. Great effort from all the boys and we will get better as we learn to gel as a team.

Frankston YCW; 2.3, 7.3, 9.3, 10.4 (64)
Mornington; 2.4, 4.5, 5.10, 7.13 (55)
Goal Kickers: L. Pellissier 3, S. Wright 2, C. Mara, J. Wells
Best Players: C. Mara, L. Susovich, L. Astorino, M. Macgowan, B. Harvey

Under 19’s - Coach Neil Craig

A tough initiation for our group on the weekend. We showed some great signs early but as the pace of the game increased we struggled to keep up with the impressive YCW outfit. Better players on the day were Luke O'Conner, Ollie Walsh, Ryan Rose and Jacob Rowley. We look forward to bouncing back against Karingal in round two.

Frankston YCW; 3.0, 8.2, 11.5, 16.7 (103)
Mornington; 4.4, 5.7, 5.7, 5.8 (38)
Goal Kickers: L. Hewitt 2, L. O''Connor, T. Crimmins, T. Wisneske
Best Players: L. O''Connor, O. Walsh, J. Rowler, J. Corbett, T. Crimmins, M. Mayne

A Grade Netball - Coach Michelle Barnes

The A Grade Bulldogs came out firing in their match against YCW on the weekend. Brittany Archdeacon solidified her spot in the goal ring, shooting accurately from the outset in the blustery conditions. At the other end of the court Jess Gordon was strong in defence and combined well with Candace Page driving out of defence to put their side back into attack. Georgia Hunter provided drive and pace through the mid-court and came up with some stellar intercepts when moved back into wing defence. Alex Newton was solid in defence, virtually cutting off all options to her shooter, particularly in the second half. A well-deserved and convincing 13 goal win in the end with the side never looking troubled.

A Grade YCW 25 def by Mornington 37

B Grade Netball - Coach Michelle Barnes

The B Grade Bulldogs squad came up against a much taller and well drilled YCW side. Despite being under-manned and with players fighting off illnesses the team persevered and showed a lot of promise in their performance. Vicki Sanford was strong through the mid-court and fed Holly Newton who was positioning well in the goal ring. Sarah Williams made an impact when she came off the bench in the second half providing some much needed drive into attack. The standout for the game was Carli Rickman who was virtually impenetrable in defence, particularly in the final quarter. The team forged a mini-comeback in the third term but still went down by ten goals in the end.

B Grade YCW 42 def Mornington 33

C Grade Netball - Coach Corinna Horvath

It was a great first hit out, unfortunately YCW just wanted the win more. Their goaling was very accurate as opposed to ours, putting up 53 shots and only scoring 29 of them. My best on for round 1 was Sarah Williams, whose determination and drive aided in turn over after turn over. The combination of Amanda Sanford and Sarah was a pain in their opposition goalers sides. I can’t wait to add Meg to the mix. It was a strong defensive game for us. We now need to capitalise on the turnovers and score the shots. We got plenty of the ball we just didn’t take care in disposing it, we will call it first game nerves, only one way from this game with these talented girls and that’s UP

C Grade YCW 42 def Mornington 29

D Grade Netball - Coach Corinna Horvath

Again another good start to the season. We put up 33 shots, only scoring 16. Again we got plenty of the ball, we just need to use it a lot better than we did. My best on for Round 1 was our captain Ainslie Christy, what a great captains game in every way. I’m still getting to know the girls but I seen a bit of Ainslie last year and to watch her play round 1 was a complete back flip. She did not give up and she gave the team second efforts. And when she was spent she did what we talked about and allowed fresh legs to jump on court, gotta love a player that listens!! We have an array of experience in the D team from experience and age to youth and new to netball players. We have a lot to learn and look out when they put it all together.

D Grade YCW 26 def Mornington 16 .

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