Round 10 (Women's Football)

Seniors Report:
Mornington FNC: 1.2.8 defeated by Chirnside Park 13.11.89
Goals; Imani 1
Best: Vicki, Charlotte, Montana, Liz, Obie, Speedy
If I look at this game quarter by quarter, the number of scoring shots tells a lot about how the game was played:
1st Q:​1 shot to 4
2nd Q:​1 shots to 5
3rd Q:​1 shots to 3
4th Q:​0 shots to 12
From the start of this game we had players not mentally prepared for a ‘real’ contest, which was evident in the first 5 minutes of the game. It’s amazing how often this happens in football and how if you start slowly it can be hard to change during the game. Also it gives an opposition a real opportunity to do what Chirnside did to us on Saturday. They lost the last time they played us, and they wanted a ‘real” contest, every one of them!
Our 3rd quarter was probably our best as we had most of the play and the ball in our forward line, but we could not convert it to scoring opportunities.
For most of the game all our forwards we lead to the ball and spent most of their time chasing rather than creating.
You might think there weren’t any but there are a lot of positives to come out of this game:
- Our leaders never gave up and continually contested right up to the moment I took them off the ground in the last quarter. 6 goals were kicked in 10 minutes when they were off the ground?
- This game was Round 10 and not a final, we have 3 more game to go, plus finals and we can’t approach a game that badly again. I pity our next opponent – Cranbourne!
- Player for player we are as good or better than Chirnside Park, but only as a team and not as individuals
- The first game was 19 shots on goal to 6? This is how we play when we are switched on.
- We have earnt the right to be where we are on the ladder and percentage means nothing due to the games we have already won.
- Nothing worth having ever comes easy and this was a real reminder of this.
- Games like these teach you about more than football, it’s about how you want to approach your life and the future. If it’s too hard and you feel like you “can’t” win or succeed on the field, what’s going to happen when you hit your first tough times in life? The players who take up these challenges on the football field are the ones that will succeed in life when challenges confront them. They are the players I want in this team and would want to play along side.
- Our players were too quiet when we were down and it’s not up to your team mates to talk, it’s up to you.
- This game identified a lot a positions are still up for grabs for players who want to succeed on the field and off it
- I now get to see how players approach the next few weeks at training and in games, after a game like this where there is so much to learn.
I give full credit to Chirnside Park and its coaches on how they approached this game and played it. Their Coach after our first round win first thing she said to me, was this will be different in Round 10! And it was. The only difference was they wanted a contest and had something to prove. Prior to Round 1 I was concerned about playing them because they had played together for over 8 years and competed in VFLWL Division Two for several years. They had played in the last two Division 2 Preliminary Finals and lost. However, it was our enthusiasm and commitment to one another in the first game that proved how good we are and can be.
Saturday’s game showed their experience, apart from their passion for a win. They set up well around every contest and set up solid walls of player when they were in attack. A lot of our defensive kicks went to their players only to be rebounded. They were cleaner with the ball around contests and moved the ball more effectively and decisively, which made them look quicker. It also put us under constant pressure. We were tentative around the ball and several times had 3 or 4 players in very close proximity fighting for the ball. Very rarely did we string handballs together to move the ball quickly. Again we were tentative and fumbled many opportunities.
Please take into account we had:
- All 3 players on the full back line as 1st year players
- 1 player on the half back line as a 2nd year player
- 1 player on centre line 1st year and 1 second year player
- I 1st year and 2 2nd year players on the half forward line
- 2 first year players on our full forward line
- 3 1st year players on the bench
- 10 1st year players and 4 2nd year players with most of the others no more than 4 years.
Experience is something that takes time and this game was great experience. However, if all the players in our selected team come to play football, with passion and excitement, anything is possible. If players come, like they did on Saturdays to future games, it can get ugly.

Mornington FNC 0.1.1 def by
Cerberus Crib Point 0.5.5
Best Players: Bridget, Chucky, Megan, Meg, Caitlyn, Lucinda.
Round 10 saw the team travel to Crib Point on a cold wet Saturday morning to play the CCP women's team. CCP were short a few girls so both teams started with less players on the field. A situation that disrupted our game plan to a degree. They lined up with 2 extra players in there forward line in an attempt to put us under early scoreboard pressure. However it was us with the better of the early chances, a quick attack from Wizz just grazing the goal post as it bounced over the line for our only point for the game.
In a game of kick to kick our back six & on ballers did really well to keep them goaless. I believe we actually conceded 2-3 of their points as opposed to them scoring them which was a good attempt in this game to reset and make some space.
They had some good ball winners across the middle making it really hard for our girls to penetrate our forward line. When we did we looked more dangerous to score with our possession than they did but unfortunately we couldn't quite take our chances and didn't get another up close look at the goals.
Working on when to hold the ball up to give teammates a chance to find space. And moving forward as a team when we break with possession. These will come with experience and there were still many positives to take away from this week.
⁃ They tackled & bumped hard but we didn't let them push us off the ball.
⁃ We pushed back just as hard.
⁃ We were unlucky with some things not going our way, didn't have luck on our side but we all still put in a 4 quarter effort.
⁃ Keeping them goaless even with 80% of the game played in their forward line.
Very hard & tough game well done to all the players.
Big thanks to all the helpers & the support crew for coming down!

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