Round 11 vs YCW (Football/Netball)

Frankston YCW
2.6-18 5.9-39 12.14-86 15.16-106
0.1-1 5.2-32 5.4-34 6.6-42

Goal Kickers: W. Miller 2, C. Baker, P. McGettigan, J. Miller, W. Goosey
Best Players: W. Miller, R. Smith, J. Wells, J. Miller, J. Turnbull, L. Susovich

Looking at the side we took over to YCW on the weekend was a stark contrast to what we produced in our first clash. 10 changes isn’t exactly ideal but we got the chance to have a look at more new players with McCleary and Turnbull both making their debuts for the club as well as Wells, Crimmins and Broden Bird building on their senior experience. The first half saw a tight affair with YCW just six points up at the main break, after half time their experience came to the fore and we couldn’t execute the way we wanted too. Warwick Miller moved in to the middle of the ground and with Joel Miller provided plenty of drive. Susovich continued his development and played his best game off a half back flank with support from the ever reliable Ryan Smith. Disappointing to finish off the game poorly but with only 16 fit men by the end of the contest we were up against it.

Frankston YCW
2.1-13 6.5-41 9.8-62 10.12-72
0.1-1 0.1-1 1.2-8 1.2-8

Goal Kickers: N. Abbott
Best Players: J. Corbett, J. Riley, L. Pellissier, L. Fitzsimmons, Q. Christy, C. Robinson

Always a test to take on one of the top team and that's what we had against YCW .The day didn't start well with withdrawals from the Seniors so the boys were up against it from the start. A slow start and YCW kicked away and the boys were playing catch up footy for the rest of the day. To their credit the second half they kept on having a go but the game was gone. Thanks to the under 19s that came up and helped us out. We all need to regroup and get ready for next weeks game against Karingal at the kennel

Under 19’s
Frankston YCW
1.3-9 2.5-17 3.10-28 3.10-28
1.2-8 4.3-27 5.4-34 7.5-47

Goal Kickers: J. Poole 2, L. Gorka 2, L. Hewitt 2, T. Susovich, J. Crawford
Best Players: B. Webber, T. Susovich, R. Rose, K. Bleazby, H. Bould, L. Gorka

The coldest morning of the year greeted us dew kickers at YC on the weekend. Our boys were eager to continue their solid run of form against a quality opponent in YCW. Slippery conditions early made for a game full of mistakes from both teams. Once the conditions improved we were able to gain a advantage by stretching YC's defence. Our young pups continue to improve both in their skill execution on knowledge of the game. We are now looking forward to taking on Karingal at the kennel and continuing our push for a finals birth


A Grade Frankston YCW 29 def by 33 Mornington
B Grade Frankston YCW 60 def 31 Mornington
C Crade Frankston YCW 36 drew 36 Mornington
D Grade Frankston YCW 36 def 14 Mornington

The A grade side were sluggish to start and did everything they could to make an uphill battle of this match. Sarah Williams made a huge impact when she came on in the 2nd term moving freely and goaling accurately. By the main break the girls had managed to peg back the deficit slightly but it was the third term when they really stepped things up a notch. Candace Page was relentless in defence with Jess Gordon making it difficult for the YCW girls to penetrate into the goal ring. The girls managed to sneak ahead and come away with a 4 goal win.

The B grade girls were always going to be up against the odds this round not only playing against top of the table YCW but to do so without 4 key players. Dea Wilks has been a welcome inclusion into this side due to injuries and really stood up this week in the mid-court. Laura Noonan was also on fire picking off countless intercepts and being hard at the ball through the defensive end. Eliza Tatham and Sophie Baker worked tirelessly in defence against some of the best goalers in B grade with Sophie being awarded BOC.

C grade had their work cut out for them. We went in with 5 of the actual team. We welcomed Katie McWhirter on board and sat a few of the D grade on the bench. It was a tough game and it was goal for goal most of the game. We eventually shared the points in a draw with YCW. Best on for me today was Katie who had an impact at both ends of the court. Well done also to Lucy Waldock who has been a stand out on court lately.

D grade had a game we would rather not dwell on. We went down by a massive 20 plus goals. Under the pressure of a very hungry YCW side, we lost our drive and lost what we had been doing so well over the last month. We are ready to put the wrongs right and come out fighting against Karingal. My best on was Lucy

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