Round 11 (Women's Football)

Mornington FNC Seniors Vs Cranbourne FNC Summary
Mornington FNC: 13.19.97 defeated Cranbourne: 0.3.3

Goals: Megan 5, Hannah Buur 2, Riley 2, Imani 1, Liz 1, Biffo 1, Fiona 1
Best: Speedy, Hannah Lewis, Fiona, Jess, Vicki, Liz, Hannah Buur, Charlotte, Megan, Ginger, Obie

On a day that it was hard to stand up in the strong wind let alone play football the game and result were both very pleasing. Keeping Cranbourne to only 3 points when they had the use of a howling breeze blowing straight down the ground for 2 quarters was a testament to our defence and how it played. Playing 25 players against a team that had only 15 allowed us to set up several rotations, which gave opportunity to see players in various roles.
After our first quarter I was pleased to see and hear players being nominated around contests and not fighting one another for the ball.
- Megan’s 5 goals with her very good goal sense and ability to finish effectively
- Our backline provided plenty of run and drive, with Speedy dominating across half back, Hannah Lewis back to her best with plenty of run and carry and Jenna’s smart use of the ball. Add to that all the players who played in the back line did their jobs when needed.
- Liz playing at CHF gave us a real target and controlled the half forward area with a couple of really good overhead marks in difficult conditions
- Being able to rotate 3 players through the Ruck with Charlotte, Riley and Fiona who all held strong marks around the ground and provided plenty of activity up forward.
- Hannah Buur’s run through the half forward line on several occasions with good bounces created goal opportunities.
- Jess won many contests on her wing along with Abbie and when Jess went in the middle provided some very good run through the middle
- Imani’s lead up work in the first quarter with several effective creative handballs was good footy
- Rotations of Obie, Lucinda, Biffo Ginger and Annie meant each time these players were on the ground they were effective and able to run out the game well
- Morgan getting back into her football showed her skills and class and now needs to work on her match fitness over the remaining weeks
- Having players like, Caitlyn, Chucky, Kaila, and Dee running off the bench allowed us to rotate and rest several player. They all won several possessions on the ground.
- Britta impressed again up forward with her ability to find space and the ball and use it effectively
- Biffo played her usual strong game and showed her class when against us on the half back line for Cranbourne won a lot of the footy.
- Vicki played her usual strong in and under game with several smoothers, tackles and good use of the football on both sides of her body
It was pleasing to get such a strong win and be able to rotate so many players, which in these types of games is very important. We need to be providing opportunities to as many players as possible at this level and at the same time resting some of our senior players who have done a power of work so far this season to get us where we are now. A big thank you and congratulations to all our players who played for Cranbourne as you all played well against us.

Mornington FNC:1.0.6 defeated by Warragul: 13.8.86

Goals: Megan Cahill 1
Best: Dee, Lucinda, Wizz, Chucky, Megan Cahill, Fiona, BT, Wighty, Megan Winton

Firstly, thanks to the seven players that played on Saturday that also travelled down to Warragul to play in the the Reserves side. ( Kaila, Megan Cahill, Fiona, Dee, Lucinda, Chucky, Annie). Five of these players were in our best, which was great to see. A lot can change in 12 months! We played Warragul twice last season and beat them by 26 goals and 16 goals both games. I think they only kicked 1 goal against us. They are now a very strong team and better than some of the teams we play in Division 2. If you think you played a tough game of football you did.
- The whole team standing up after half time when it would have been very easy to say "this is too hard" but no, you matched them for the rest of the game. You did this as a team with every player giving everything they had
- it was good to see players respond in the second half and play big parts in the sides second half: Annie, Fiona, Megan Cahill, Wizz, all had very few touches in the first half but played hard footy in the second
- Wizz and Jodey playing when not well, all for the team. Wizz moving herself into the back half
just before half time or she would have frozen to death
- Wighty's strong leadership talk all game, which has been pleasing all year
- Dee's performance in the ruck and around the ground against bigger opponents set the standard for our fighting spirit in the second half
- Lucinda's hard work all game with several tackles and smoothers against bigger stronger opponents
- Chucky's strength and continual hard work winning the footy was inspirational to the team. We are so glad you play for us the way you do.
- Vicki's comment to me on the way home that she loved being close to the game running the boundary as the improvement in our newer players is so noticeable close up

When you consider the half time score was 10.3 to nil and in the second half it was 3.5 to 1 goal with their last goal after the siren, it reflects the way our team competed against the odds. This holds us in very good position for the future. Remember how we beat Warragul convincingly twice last season

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