Round 12 (Women's Football)

Mornington FNC: 5.5.35 defeated Seaford: 1.2.8
Goals, Megan Cahill 1, Wizz 1, Riley 1, Imani 1, liz 1
Best: Tori, Hannah Buur, Abbie, Ginger, Dee, Charlotte, vicki, Liz, Obie, Speedy, Biffo

Congratulations on another hard fought win, which was a much needed hit out against solid opposition. With only one more game before finals, the reality is we are as ready as we will ever be for finals and there is not much we can do on the training track other than keep fresh and maintain our skills. However, the one area we need to improve on, which we all play a vital part in is improving our talk on the field. This is so important across the playing group as we don't do it well! We are far too quiet on the field.
I spoke with Obie after the game about how we can better maximise the amount of contested ball she wins. In games she is getting first use of the ball many times and we are not always benefitting from it. She stated that apart from Vicki, Liz and Biffo she hears very little voice when she wins the football, hence she tries to break tackles etc. Also, several players have been coming off the ground from the forward line saying there is no talk up forward. Have you any idea how much better we would play if every player used their voice, you all have one.
Most of our players would have had the ball in their hands yesterday for less than a minute, so if you walked off the ground thinking you didn't do much then you couldn't have used your voice enough when you didn't have the ball.
I want players in this team that use their voice, so with the finals selections only one game away your selection could just be in your voice and not your hands!
Tori's first game back looked like she had been playing for weeks and not been out for several games. Great to have you back
Hannah Buur showed her skills in her best game this season, getting out on her own and using the ball very effectively. Can increase amount of voice around contests to instruct/nominate team mates
Dee made the most of her opportunity across half back in the second half. Gained clean possession in contests and used the ball effectively. Made a contest at every opportunity. Can increase voice to nominate and instruct around contests.
Abbie had a very good game on her wing winning many hard balls and taking good marks. Can increase voice to nominate and Instruct when you don't have the ball.
Ginger welcomed the return to half back and played a very good second half. Can increase voice to nominate and instruct.
Charlotte and Fiona both contested hard around the ground and up forward with both gaining valuable experience in the ruck with every game you play. Both have good voice, which just needs to work on nominating players around contests
Our leaders all played important solid games, Vicki's first half was great and kept us in attack all game, Obie, Biffo, Speedy and Liz all won their contests and set us up for the win. All have good voice but need to instruct and nominate as much as possible. You are the leaders with experience who we all listen too, instruct players to set up the wall when in attack and better position themselves around the ground
Hannah Lewis when you have the ball you are so important to how quickly we move the ball and how many scoring shots we have. But it's when you don't have the ball you need to work hard on. You are too quiet and need to instruct and nominate around contests. When up forward you need to work harder on fighting to keep the ball in our forward line, you are quick and a very good tackler that needs to use these skills more
Imani looked good early with strong leads and good marks. Your best games up forward are when you fight hard on the ground and win contests. Work on staying in front when you don't have the ball and increase voice to instruct and nominate.
Jenna you are still feeling your way in this team, which will take time. When you have the ball your experience shows but this has been limited so far. Work on your voice the nominate and instruct players across halfback. You have developed good playing relationship with Speedy, which works well when it occurs
Megan Cahill and Wizz both did their jobs in the forward pocket with two goals between them and another near goal. Both good talkers who can use your experience to instruct/nominate players up forward
Jess played another hard in and under game, which we always know we are going to get a real contest when she is near the ball. Work on your voice, you are a leader in this group who will gain more confidence if you start instructing team mates more.
Riley did her job with a very good goal. We want you taking more shots at goal, so you need to work on your marking and calling for the ball. Need to use your voice more around the contests you are involved in.
Chucky, Lucinda, Emily, Monti all had limited time and did what they had too under the circumstances. Apart from Chucky who uses her voice very well on the ground all of you can increase your voice to nominate and instruct players when you are near the contest.
Kaila you have the skills and experience to play at this level, which I think your low level of talk in games is an indication of your confidence and amount of the ball you are winning. Increase this and your game will become much more enjoyable and your play will improve too.
Britta I love the way you have approached this years football. You have only played 11(?) games of football and are learning every game. Areas to work on are your disposal skills, which will come as you work so hard on and off the track. You are a good talker, which I want you to keep working on to instruct and nominate players around the contests you are involved in. Your value to the team can increase with the amount you use your voice.
There was one passage of play in the last quarter that two lessons can be learned. Fiona took a mark across half back and hand balled to Speedy running past only for her to be tackled by the player on the mark. First lesson: move quicker back off the mark to get distance between you and the player on the mark, which gives you more time to decision the best option. second lesson: Speedy you were far too close calling for the ball running past and you were running on the side that you needed more time to get your kick as a right foot kick. Both these events lead to a free kick against Speedy and Seaford going into attack.
Clear message from this game and where I want this team to be is we are far too quiet on the field. I need and want players who will use their voices on the field and selection over the coming weeks may be determined by which players use their voices and those that don't

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