Round 13 (Women's Football)

Mornington FNC: 22.10.142 defeated Morwell East: 0.1.1

Goals: Wizz 8. Megan Cahill 5, Tori 4, Wighty 2, Fiona 1, Morgan 1, Casey 1,
Best: Tori, Megan Cahill, Fiona, Dee, Caitlyn Brouwer, Wizz, Kristy, Anna, Bridget

It was an interesting start to the long trip to Morwell East with the bus being delayed due to a flat battery. Instead of a departure at 8.30am the bus departed Alexander Park at 9.15am. The bus arrived at Morwell East around 11am with all players in very good spirits. With only one game this weekend with the Seniors having a bye we had 24 players available after Monti had to pull out with the flu. The girls were very eager to get out and play footy as the previous week our opposition forfeited. Morwell East started with 18 players but with a couple of injuries during the game we loaned them players who all played well against us.
Wizz’s ability to win the football in front of goal at every opportunity had her kicking our first 5 goals in 10 minutes before she was rested. Wizz spent time in the back line but still ended up with 8 goals for the game.
Casey playing most of the game on the ground and kicking her first goal in football.
Tori in only her second game of football since her broken hand relished her opportunities and look good back playing. A few late ‘points’ could have meant 6 or 7 goals instead of 4.
Megan Cahill was dominant up forward with strong marking and 5 goals.
Wighty’s first goal was class football with a perfect drop punt through the middle of the goals from a 45 degree angle
Bridget’s 3rd quarter playing for Morwell East at CHB on Tori was a great contest which she won several times.
Game time for Anna, who had plenty of run with several bounces, plus Rylo and Morgan getting more games under their belts
Fiona’s marking around the ground and ability to fight hard under the packs to keep the ball in our forward line
Dee had plenty of the ball and won many contests along with Caitlyn Brouwer, Annie, Kaila, Cassie and Emily who all dominated at stages during the game.
With Tyla, Kristy, Caitlyn Meaden, Jody and Ellie all getting good game time it was great to watch how all your skills have improved with each game you play.
Megan Winton and Chucky both played their reliable strong games and were very strong at every contest they were in.
Lucinda knee injury unfortunately put her out of action for a lot of the game.
It was great to watch this game from high up as I could see every aspect of the game. Kicking 22 goals in any game means you have to play well but to only kick 10 points indicates very good team work and forward efficiency. The football ability of our players, who played for the opposition, was very evident as you all stood out as very good players in the Morwell East team. You were doing team things they were not (handballs etc), which was great. One thing that stood out was we need to have more urgency to get back off the mark from free kicks or marks to be able to select the best option and move the ball quicker.
Coach Gary!

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