Round 15 vs Langwarrin (Football/Netball)

0.1-1 2.8-20 3.9-27 7.10-52
2.3-15 2.4-16 6.6-42 7.7-49

Goal Kickers: P. McGettigan 2, W. Miller 2, S. Seager, J. Miller, J. Haddock
Best Players: J. Miller, J. Turnbull, P. McGettigan, R. Smith, E. Bitters, J. Haddock

Venturing to Langwarrin this week in very windy conditions and an injury toll the likes that I haven’t seen before, it was always going to be a battle. The scores were close all day with the final siren seeing us go down by 2 points. James Turnbull continues to give us a great contest week in week out, Joel Miller, Ryan Smith and Jai Haddock continued their fantastic seasons while Pete McGettigan and Warrick Miller gave us great targets up forward all day. In the end not good enough.

3.4-22 4.7-31 8.12-60 11.13-79
0.0 0.2-2 0.2-2 1.8-14

Goal Kickers: Z. Norman
Best Players: Z. Norman, J. Riley, L. Sweetnam, J. Brown, K. Paley, C. Mara

Hard day at the office for the reserves ,with the club having massive injury list it was always going to be a tough day. It was great to see Conner Mara stand up and have a really good day and was far our best player and to the rest of the boys they gave as much as they could. I just want to thank all the boys that gave us chop out we really appreciate it.

Under 19’s
1.5-11 2.7-19 4.10-34 5.11-41
0.2-2 1.7-13 1.7-13 3.13-31

Goal Kickers: L. Merriner, J. Crawford, T. Susovich
Best Players: L. O'Connor, H. Bould, T. Susovich, J. Crawford, K. Bleazby, J. Rowler

The weekend’s game played under difficult circumstances lived up to all expectations with us within reach of victory very late in the game. It was a shame that a good game of footy was spoiled by an incident that is being investigated by the league. It's hard to accept than I an era of coward punches and all the negative press surrounding it that this sort of stuff still goes on. Overall our performance was manful and we walked away knowing that with a couple of high quality additions to our line up we only get better.


A Grade Langwarrin 25 def by 44 Mornington
B Grade Langwarrin 31 def 27 Mornington
C Crade Langwarrin 26 def 25 Mornington
D Grade Langwarrin 18 def 12 Mornington

There was a lot on the line for A grade this week against Langwarrin with a finals spot still on the cards. Jess Gordon managed to take the court, pushing through with a major injury and was her absolute brilliant best. Candace Page played a stellar game in defence and was the difference between the two sides in the end. Tess Cooper made a big impact in the mid-court and Katey Rudolph made a big impact in her return to A grade in goals. The girls ran out winners in the end.

With injuries a plenty the B Grade girls had a new line-up again this week that combined superbly well for the majority of the match. Holly Newman and Charli Brown had a tough day in goals with the ball literally being blown sideways, away from the goal ring. But the girls adjusted well and kept working the ball under the post for easy set-shots. But it was captain, Eliza Tatham, was the leading light in the match who was brilliant in defence. Chris Anthony was also strong through the mid-court and played a stunning game. Unfortunately the girls couldn’t come away with a win but the played a great game.

C grade lost by a measly 1 goal today. We played a strong 3/4 then became a little complacent in the last. We had moments of brilliance. Thank you to Jacqui Corbett for stepping in to our depleted squad and doing an amazing job. It was a real team effort today and it was a shame to drop the game in the last. My best on was Jacqui Ccorbett who also bought out a great game from Sarah W.

D grade had a loss against Langwarrin today. It was a game we could have and should have won. It wasn't a pretty game to watch, a game that did not showcase the skills that each and every player has. My best on today was Lucy, who did not give up against an overly enthusiastic opponent. Her netball has been a pleasure to watch. We may have dashed our finals hopes today but we will come back from this game tougher and smarter next week.

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