Round 16 vs Chelsea (Football/Netball)

3.3-21 5.7-37 7.9-51 11.16-82
4.4-28 6.8-44 9.13-67 10.16-76

Goal Kickers: W. Miller 4, C. Baker 2, J. Haddock, J. Miller, M. Macgowan, J. Wells, E. Bitters
Best Players: J. Brown, W. Miller, J. Miller, J. Haddock, M. Macgowan, R. Smith

With the past players day held on Saturday we wanted to put on a good show for them against Chelsea. After a sluggish start, a brawl in the second quarter seemed to get the boys up and going. Trailing by 7 points at the main break we again come out slow and found ourselves trailing by 16 points at the last break. With the supporters behind us the boys lifted and when Mick McGowan kicked a goal with a minute left on the clock we hit the front and ran out victors by 1 solitary goal. Josh Brown was great all day on a half back flank, while Warrick and Joel Miller continued their fantastic seasons, the big Wok finished with 4 majors.

2.2-14 3.2-20 5.6-36 7.8-50
2.3-15 8.6-54 11.6-72 13.13-91

Goal Kickers: S. Doran 2, J. Brown, J. Weyne, J. Matthews, J. Riley, K. Bird
Best Players: S. Doran, J. Weyne, K. Bird, Q. Christy, J. Matthews, C. Mara

No Report

Under 19’s
3.3-21 9.10-64 15.14-104 23.17-155
1.3-9 1.4-10 1.4-10 1.4-10

Goal Kickers: J. Small 3, H. Bould 3, L. Merriner 2, J. Crawford 2, H. Anderson 2, T. Wisneske 2, R. Rose 2, L. Mitchell 2, J. Rowler, L. Gorka, L. Ambler, J. Poole, K. Merriner
Best Players: L. Mitchell, J. Crawford, L. Ambler, H. Bould, H. Anderson, A. Lothian

Chelsea have been struggling for numbers throughout the entire year and to their great credit 18 soldiers turned out to take us on our home deck. A solid first half of footy had us controlling the game and after half time the game opened up allowing us to have a convincing win. At the other end of the ladder sits Mt Eliza and we are looking forward to the challenge that this Sunday presents. If we can stay focused on certain elements of our game that we have been working on then we will remain very competitive for a long time.


A Grade Mornington v Bye
B Grade Mornington 26 def by 53 Chelsea
C Crade Mornington 43 def 29 Chelsea
D Grade Mornington 39 def 15 Chelsea

The B grade squad are putting in a wonderful effort each week considering we only have 5 of the original team able to take the court due to injuries. Coming up against Chelsea is always a difficult task when they are not fielding an A grade side, they have strong – potentially A Grade players – littered throughout their team. But the Doggies are an impressive unit and gave a stellar effort regardless. Sarah Williams, Brigette Bell-Towers and Lara Sumner were once again welcome inclusions from C grade proving the step up from C grade is possible and shows the wonderful depth of our club.

C grade had a great win today beating Chelsea 44-29. As I thought, we came back stronger and smarter from last week’s loss. It was mostly an enjoyable game to sit back and watch.
My best on this week goes to Jacqui Eeastgate, rotating through goals and WA, super game and well done. Alex Shorthouse who also had an impressive game, especially out on the wing. We won’t make finals but we will finish this season a strong and developed team.

An impressive win by D grade beating Chelsea 38-12.
This team continues to improve and impress. My best on today was Steph Bristow, rotating through goals and the centre court, endless tips and intercepts with alot resulting in turnovers. Sam, also yet again went from goals to defence making an impact at both ends. We are still fighting for finals, with 2 games left we need to nail both of them

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