Round 2 (Women's Football)

Mornington FNC: 24.24.168 defeated Red Hill FNC: 0.0.0
Goals: Imani 5, Carli 3, Hannah 3, Laura 3, Vicki 2, Jess 1, Wizz 1, Anna 1, Sarah Kelly 1, Kaila 1, Liz 1, Steve 1, Biffo 1
Best: Speedy, Ginger, Obie, Liz, Anna, Vicki, Carli, Stevo, Jess, Imani, Laura, the team

Congratulations to every player to achieve this win the way you did, which is not always easy when the game is won and over early in the first quarter. It's our desire to improve that is driving us and there were several things that came out of this game that we can work on. Two things were:
- improving the effectiveness of our handballs will see our team continue to improve
- several players have no thought of kicking on their wrong foot, preferring to term back into trouble or kick the ball to the "wrong area".
- The ability of our defence to keep a team scoreless was a great achievement, particularly the ability of Speedy, Ginger and Hannah's to set up many attacking moves
- our centre line players ability to continually rebound the ball into our forward line, Jess and Abbie doing this and working hard to stay back and not crowd our forward line.
- The ability of our forward line to kick 24 goals, which if accuracy can be worked on could have been 30 plus goals?
- Imani, Carli, Laura all providing powerful forward options gives us great flexibility, plus Hannah Lewis last 10 minutes at Full Forward adds further options.
- Our on ball group were outstanding all game, Liz and Obie working together at centre bounces provided exciting clean clearances, which will increase in coming games
- Vicki, Stevo, Biffo and Anna all had plenty of the ball all game, which resulted in 5 goals from this group. Approx 25% of our teams goals is a minimum target you should aim for each game as a group
- Wizz's ability to still play good footy at this level should benefit the Reserves team in coming games
- Sarah Kelly and Emily making the most of their opportunities in the Seniors showing their skills with limited opportunities, which gives me a better idea of where each player needs to work on her skills
- Stacey and Kaila having an opportunity up forward when they had limited work to do in defence
You might get sick of me saying it but we need to improve on our effective handballs! Players knowing when to kick and when to handball to a clear team mate rather than kicking.
Several of our senior players take the easy option and turn to kick on their natural foot, which does not benefit the team. The ball ends up in the wrong area or out off bounds, which is something we will work on. I have talked to Hannah Lewis about this many times but key players like, Ginger, Stevo, Anna and Tori (in the Reserves) all kicked on their right foot, or tried to when they should should have kicked on their non preferred foot.
It was sad and difficult to see Tahli get injured (again) but it was great to see all they help she received from everyone involved, including Red Hill connections. Thank you to Lucinda, Wizz, Kylie for getting out to her when you did.
Also, Rylo we hope your ankle is not too bad and you are back playing basketball very soon
Ginger Parker : ability to hold back across halfback and not push too far forward resulted in her winning many kicks and setting up our forward moves
Spaniard Obie : run through at centre bounces taking ruck taps from Liz on several occasions, which will help develop players like Vicki and Stevo in this area.

Mornington FNC: 5.9.39 defeated Pearcedale FNC: 5.4.34
Goals: Megan Cahill 2, Chucky 1, Montana 1, Amanda 1
Best: Emma, Amanda, Tori, Lucinda, Sarah Williams, Kylie, Megan Cahill, Chucky, the team
Congratulations to everyone involved in the Reserves first win of the season. This was a hard fought win against a good opposition who were coming off a win in Round 1. For us to bounce back after our Round 1 loss was very pleasing. The game highlighted many areas we can improve on, which will only come from getting to training and playing more games. Remember my coaching goal is for every player to improve by the end of the season and learning from these games is the best way to achieve this individually and as a team
- Emma's leadership and hard work around many contests all game with many clearances
- Tori's defensive work across halfback set up many forward moves
- Amanda's work up forward with several marks and forward pressure was important to the win
- Lucinda's tagging roll all game and ability to win many contests
- Sarah's ruck work and run around the ground
- Kylie's defensive work in the second half at full back with many clearances
- Chucky's hard work all game and solid ruck work late in the game
- The teams ability to come from behind at half time to win the game
- Being able to hear the victory song out on the ground after a great team win
A very good team win, which would not have been achieved without "every" players contribution at one time or another during the game.
If everyone can watch the short video of the game that's on Facebook and count how many times our players won the ball and gave or tried to give out a handball? Then how many of these went to a team mate? This will show you that players have a split second to get handballs right and effective. You need numbers around every contest to maximise on team mates winning the footy. If we can improve in this area and understand the benefits to the team our goal of improving will happen
A great win by everyone involved!
Kylie - KJ Denning: great work at full back, which cleared the ball at important times late in the game
Lucinda Strong : for sticking to her tagging role and winning many kicks herself

Coach Gary.

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