Round 3 (Women's Football)

0.0 1.0-6 1.0-6 2.0-12
4.4-28 8.5-53 11.9-75 14.11-95

Goal Kickers: C. Rickman 3, A. Davidson 3, M. Obien 2, I. Francis 2, H. Lewis 2, R. Waymouth 2
Best Players: J. Belkin, V. Sanford, M. Obien, A. Groenewald, E. Muir, L. Noonan

With only 3 rounds played together as a group there were some real positive signs in how we played against Seaford. These included:
- Amount a clean effective handballs
- Players giving off handballs when previous instinct would have been to kick
- Amount of players kicking on their left foot when under pressure and it was the only option (Ginger)
- Kicking more goals than points
Obviously the only real concern that came out of this game was injuries to Stevo and Amanda who we await outcomes of how their respective knees are. I am also concerned how our Co-Captain Liz’s elbow is as I know how much pain she can play with and I hope her elbow is not serious too.
A very good win against solid opposition.
- Jess’s control and use of the ball on her wing dominated all day.
- Our defence across half back was strong all game with Speedy and Ginger rebounding and setting up several goals.
- With limited opportunities Tori, was decisive in her defence every time she was involved.
- Britta, Kaila and Hannah Lewis all controlled the backline when needed
- One comment to our defence is work hard at all times to not let the ball get behind you. If the ball gets in between you and the goals it’s dangerous. The two goals they kicked both times this happened too easily.
- Liz’s dominance in the ruck and marking around the ground.
- Biffo’s forward pressure and ability to kick two goals and assist with others
- The work of our mid field onballers in Vicki, Obie, Stevo (until injured) and Anna who all dominated. Their use of the ball around contests was clean and effective. I loved Anna’s use of the ball several times, with effective handballs rather than a kick. Plus Obie’s ability to kick 2 goals
- Laura’s run in the ruck provided plenty of drive at centre bounces and around the ground, which was very effective with several clearances.
- Ability of our key forwards to kick goals (Carli, Imani and Hannah Lewis), particularly strong marking by Carli and Hannah. Plus Amanda’s ability to kick 3 goals in her 2.5 quarters on the ground.
- Hannah Burr’s introduction to our team was a real positive with her ability to win the ball in the air and on the ground and her very good decision making with use of the ball either by hand or foot.
- Abbie’s work on the wing and ability to get to contests was good. The more game time she plays the better she is getting.
- Dee’s work across halfback when the opportunities came showed she can play football at this level and also will improve with more game time.
- A big thank you to Caitlyn Brouwer and Cassie who also played on Saturday. When your opportunities came you showed you can play at this level too. It was also important you played with the two serious injuries we had.
- The ability of the playing group to restrict the opposition to 2 scoring shots to our 25 is a clear indication of how we played.
Jess;Outstanding game on the wing, which showed how a wing should be played,
holding your position and not crowding forward or back
Anna:Won considerable amount of the football, which the disposal effectiveness %
was higher this week with good decision making between handballing or

Frankston Bombers
2.2-14 7.5-47 8.12-60 12.18-90
0.2-2 0.2-2 0.3-3 0.3-3

Best Players: M. Macfarlane, L. Strong, T. Samuelu, C. Brouwer, E. Cairns, K. Maher

The final score does not reflect the way this game was played and how each player worked so hard to make contests and support each other. To keep a strong side like Frankston Bombers to 2.2.14 to our 0.2.2 in the first quarter was a great result. With each player being set a goal of laying a tackle each quarter it was very pleasing to see how many tackles were made during the game. It was also very pleasing to see every player trying to put into play all the things we are working at training and the amount of handballs was impressive.
- Montana’s defensive game, strong marks and long kicks to our advantage was great to see for all four quarters
- Lucinda’s willingness to contest and run all game with limited breaks off the ball. Her ability to find the ball and win contests was inspirational.
- Chucky’s game and her strong work, in the ruck and in defence showed great leadership.
- Tyla playing a full game in defence which is possibly her first full game on the ground since starting football last year.
- Wighty’s ability to make many contests and great tackles during the game and her positive leadership during and after the game.
- Mia playing her first game with limited opportunities up forward showed her marking and kicking strength when given time in defence late in the game.
- Kristy, Emily, Caitlyn Brouwer’s ability to find the ball and win many contests.
- Annie’s ability to find space and get the ball was good and maximising on these opportunities in future games will see better reward from this work in the future.
- Megan Cahill’s ability to win the football and her leadership all game
- Every player’s commitment to one another against a strong opposition was really good to watch and be part of.
- All players’ ability to laugh and smile after the game indicates what a strong charactered group of Womens we have involved.
Montana:Best game so far. Strong marking and use of her body as well as excellent use of the
Chucky:Playing at the last minute provided invaluable strength and leadership on the ground
all game.

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