Round 4 vs Edi-Asp (Football/Netball)

2.6-18 5.8-38 14.13-97 14.13-97
4.1-25 8.7-55 10.7-67 17.12-114

Goal Kickers: P. McGettigan 5, D. Whelan 5, J. Calder 2, J. Halsall, J. Smart
Best Players: J. Miller, R. Smith, P. McGettigan, T. Kirwan, D. Whelan, H. Bould

Back at the kennel and after a four day turnaround after ANZAC day and the boys were hoping to get back in the winner’s circle. We missed opportunities early, had more scoring shots than them in the first quarter but trailed by 7 points at quarter time. Nothing much improved in the second quarter and we found ourselves 17 points down at the main break. For the first time in a few weeks we found our spark and went on a rampage kicking 9.5 to 2 goa"Ss in the third and looked to have the game at our mercy leading by 30 points at the last change. Someone pulled the hand break and with 12 scoring shots to zero in the last quarter we were gone, done by 17 points. Joel Miller tried his guts out all day, Troy Kirwan and Ryan Smith were fantastic behind the ball while Pete McGettigan and Dale Whelan snagged 5 goals each. The difference between our best and worst at the moment is too far apart, hopefully we can click soon or it will be goodbye season 2017.

1.3-9 3.6-24 6.6-42 6.6-42
1.3-9 1.3-9 2.5-17 3.8-26

Goal Kickers: C. Mara, C. Robinson, J. Brown, Q. Christy, L. Susovich, A. Williams
Best Players: J. Brown, B. McCleary, L. Susovich, M. Macgowan, J. Matthews, C. Robinson

The challengers keep coming for the Reserves as we saddle up against ladder leaders Edi Asp .Right from the first bounce the boys were on. The amount of pressure the boys put on from the start was fantastic which did not stop the whole day even with 30 seconds to go we kept on tackling. It was a great team effort all over the ground Backs,Forwards and Midfielders just a great team effort and we are looking forward to our next game against Pines well done boys

UNDER 19’s
2.3-15 2.8-20 4.8-32 8.8-56
3.1-19 4.1-25 6.5-41 7.5-47

Goal Kickers: L. Gorka 3, L. Hewitt, L. Sweetnam, H. Anderson, T. Wisneske, L. O''Connor
Best Players: R. Rose, J. Rowler, L. Ambler, L. Hewitt, O. Walsh, A. Lothian

A much better result for our pups on the weekend. Reward for effort against a good opponent. The pressure was on right from the start of the game and in a see sawing affair we were lucky enough to be in front when the siren went.
On a sour note, a major head injury to Hewie had us all concerned for the rest of the day. Lauchie required several plates and screws to be placed in the left side of his face in a reconstruction exercise. Just one of those really unfortunate accidents that can occur from time to time. Hewie is doing well and should be back on his feet within a few days.
I'm sure that everyone within our footballing community wishes him a speedy recovery.

A Grade Mornington 43 def 30 Edi-Asp
B Grade Mornington 19 def by 41 Edi-Asp
C Grade Mornington 23 def by 34 Edi-Asp
D Grade Mornington 21 def by 40 Edi-Asp

After a disappointing loss to Mt Eliza on ANZAC day the A grade girls were out for atonement against the reigning premiers. Tess Cooper was brilliant through the mid-court and Tess Haddock did an outstanding job keeping Edi-Asp’s strongest player quiet throughout the 1st term. Britt Archdeacon put on a flawless goaling display shooting at 100% and coupled with Sarah Williams the goalers had their best match together so far. Georgia Hunter was tenacious yet clever in her work in WD and in the second half Jess Gordon worked tirelessly to keep her gaoler to only 2 goals for the half. Edi-Asp dragged some stronger players on in the second half to stem the flow but this only sparked Candace Page even more to ensure the Doggies took out the match. The girls were aptly rewarded for their first full four quarter, all team effort for a historic win by 14 goals.

With injuries a plenty the B grade side were up against it from the outset of the match against Edi-Asp. Tayla Pallas filled in on the day and was an asset in the mid-court. Laura Noonan supported the defence end well in WD and Vicki Sanford had another outstanding match in WA. Lara Sumner stepped up well in her first game for the season coming up into B Grade. The girls showed great improvement throughout the match but in the end were not a match for the stronger Edi-Asp side.

We lost in the end by 10 goals. The girls were making Edi-Asp work hard for the win but countless missed goals throughout the game kept us away from taking home the win. My best on without a doubt was Meg who killed it in Gk, unfortunately we didn’t capitalise on all her turnovers. It’s very early in the season but I envision these girls having a proper chance at finals.

It’s a game we will all move on from, live and learn. nothing worked and Edi-Asp were just a tougher and more experienced side on the day. My best on was Bridget Bell-Towers, although only playing a half, it was a half with impact on the game. Sam had a very strong game in GS, but along with our other goalers just couldn’t convert all the attempts at the post. Again its early in the season, bring on next round !

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