Round 4 (Women's Football)

5.7-37 7.10-52 11.17-83 15.18-108
0.0 0.2-2 0.2-2 0.3-3

Goal Kickers: C. Rickman 3, A. Davidson 3, M. Obien 2, I. Francis 2, H. Lewis 2, R. Waymouth 2
Best Players: J. Belkin, V. Sanford, M. Obien, A. Groenewald, E. Muir, L. Noonan

This week’s game had some very impressive passages of play, which highlighted how we need to continue playing our brand of football in the coming weeks. Players using the ball more effectively by foot with accurate passes to players in the clear who were able to take easy uncontested marks. Our ability to keep the opposition to only 3 scoring shots is an indication of the strength of our defence. The depth we have in our Reserves team is evident when players like, Emily, Emma Hansen, Dyna and Monti come up and play solid roles in the Seniors. We will continue to look to give players performing in the Reserves an opportunity to play Seniors football this year.
Speedy’s dominance across half back from the first bounce and her ability to continue to drive the ball forward all game.
Emma Ince’s first game back in the Seniors showed her ability to win the hard ball, use it effectively and win the ball all over the ground
Anna’s ability to win the ball all over the ground but her 3rd quarter on the wing showed how she can dominate a game. She still needs to work hard at training on improving her effective handball percentage and more accurate kicking.
Vicki and Obie’s work all around the ground. It seemed if it wasn’t Obie winning a hard ball effectively it was Vicki. We can all learn from how they both use the ball effectively when they win it.
Liz’s dominance in the ruck and working together with Obie at centre bounces and around the ground set up many attacking moves. Plus Liz’s ability to kick long goals at CHF is a great asset.
Laura’s ability to move into the ruck and contest around the ground saw her win many contests and drive the ball forward creating several scoring opportunities. Work on your concentration for 100% of game time as you are a leader on the ground and set the bench mark for how our team will play each week. If you are up and about our whole team is up and about.
Our ability to swing Hannah Burr, Biffo and Jess onto the ball and maintain run and drive around the ground is a bonus.
Our defence all game with Speedy, Britta, Monti, Tori, Biffo, Ginger and Kaila all did what was require and provided plenty of drive and run of half back.
Having key forwards in Hannah Lewis and Imani although not kicking a bag of goals this week created many opportunities. With several points from Hannah it could have been a big bag with more accuracy.
Abbie on a wing continues to win plenty of the football. Keep working on your handball and kicking skills because you win so much of the football being able to dominate a game is not far away.
Emily Cairns 3 goals showed she can play at this level and was great reward for her time on the ground.
Both Emma Hansen and Dayna both showed they can compete at this level and will be better for the game time on the ground
Tori’s last quarter at full forward highlight another forward option for our team, which is very exciting.
Another game where we kept our opposition to only 3 scoring shots is very impressive. However, it is our developing ability to use the ball more effectively, having players working to run past and be options, which will enhance our development. Along with our increased instructive talk when within 5 -15 metres of the ball and team mates with the ball, will determine how much we continue to improve in coming games. We are now ready for more challenge so look forward to this week’s game, it should be a good one.

0.0 1.0-6 1.0-6 1.0-6
Bass Coast
2.3-15 5.6-36 7.11-53 8.12-60

Goal Kickers: R. Dunn
Best Players: A. Dougan, S. Vernon, G. Parker, L. Strong, C. Davis, C. Meaden

In another game against one of the top teams in the development competition the teams played with enormous spirit and again the score does not reflect how well everyone played. With the score 5.6.36 to 1.0.6 at Half Time holding Bass Coast to only 3 goals in the second half was a very good result. Several times we looked like scoring another goal but just couldn’t find the big sticks.
Chuckys’ hard work around the ground and winning most ruck contests
Stacey’s work at full back and later in the game up the ground.
Lucinda’s tagging role all game
Caitlyn Meadens run and bounce had the supporters all cheering.
Ginger and Kaila added some strength across half back
Emma’s first game on the wing showed her ability to win the ball and use it effectively.
The pressure applied by Dee, Caitlyn Brouwer, Wighty, Cassie, Annie and several others made the game a real contest.
There were many times we attempted handballs from contests that were effective and looked good but several were we need to keep working on our handball skills under pressure so we can maximise every time our players win the football.
The spirit amongst the playing group remains very strong and positive, even after 4 rounds were we have played 3 of the top teams and not been able to get in a winning position. It is this attitude that will see this group continue to improve and put pressure on all the teams we play.

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