Round 5 (Women's Football)

Eastern Devils 5 3 33
Mornington 7 8 50

Goal Kickers: E. Muir 2, R. Dunn 2, I. Francis 2, L. Noonan
Best Players: V. Sanford, E. Muir, R. Waymouth , G. Speedy, I. Francis, H. Buur

Our pre match preparation for this game was not how I would like it! We play well together as a team on the field, but the hour before game time, off the field needs more team
discipline. Every player has to be ready a half hour before the game to warm up as one team and show complete unity. It is a discipline off the field we have to develop. Having said that I could not fault every players commitment to our team". Losing Jess early and Tori breaking her fingers before half time meant as a group we were up against it. You cannot win games from these positions unless you have a strong team spirit and character within the group. We
showed all of this in this win.
- Tori's ability to shut down a strong marking key forward and play out the second half with broken fingers showed enormous character and commitment to our team.
- The leadership of Vicki and Liz all game but particularly in the last quarter when the game was there to be won
- Biffo's ability to run all game as a ruck rover and contest all over the ground set up many opportunities
- Imani's in and under contesting in the forward line was great, with several effective handballs to team mates in better position, plus her ability to kick 2 goals.
- Laura's contesting and strong over head marking was great to see, plus her last quarter across half back was outstanding
- Wizz' ability to kick goals shows she still has it to play at this level
- Our back half experienced real pressure for a big part of the game and stood up very well. - 8 scoring shots to our 15 meant our defence did its job well. Speedy, Ginger and Britta all
set up many forward thrusts. Each one of you can work on using the ball more effectively with kicks to position or team mates in the clear
- Kylie, Chucky and Kaila all did their jobs and contested strongly and held up well under pressure
- Emily is showing real development and ability to compete at this level both up forward and later in the game on the wing
- Both Abbie and Emma Hansen made several contests but struggled to win the ball cleanly. With only a few games under their belts they will both continue to improve with more games
- Riley was great to have you out there and vital to our structures. I'm glad you got through this first hit out and can already see areas of your game we can work on.
- Two of our most skillful players in Hannah Lewis and Hannah Burr both looked good when they had the ball in their hands and used it well. They are both very good "outside" players who we need to use more
effectively. I will be talking to both players on how they can play this role better.
- A huge thank you to Caitlyn Brouwer, Wighty and Mia for playing two games this weekend. Although you may not have had huge game times you did what we needed and played a big part in the team win.
- Jess suffering a head clash early looked bad but from all reports she is well and ok. We look forward to seeing your smiling face very soon
We have players of all ages and skills, which is making us into a very even strong team.
I see that we have several "in and
under" players (inside players) who fight hard and win many hard ball contests ( Vicki, Liz, Biffo, Jess, Obie, Emma Ince, Anna, Imani, plus others). We also have some "outside" players who have the skills to maximise
on what our our inside players do ( Hannah Lewis, Hannah, Burr, Anna (although she plays both well). Now we need to know how to maximise each type of players skills.
We can work on effectively using both Hannah's skills in partnership of those of the inside players. If both Hannah's can increase their voice when 5-10 metres from the ball, by yelling from clear space around the ball, will see it in your hands more often and put to our advantage every time. Something to think about?

Karingal 7 11 53
Mornington 1 3 9

Goal Kickers: M. Philip
Best Players: A. Dougan, C. Brouwer, M. Cahill, L. Strong, D. Wilks, C. Davis

With many of the team playing only their 5th game of competitive AFL football it is great to see how every player is committed to improving their individual skills and want to be apart of this team. With several players up in the Senior team due to unavailability and injuries the team was missing some of its more experienced players, however this again gave everyone available an opportunity to play another game of football.
- Annie Dougan's development and improvement as a footballer. You can see her confidence growing every game. Her ability to mark the ball and read the play saw her have many effective possessions.
- Caitlin Brouwer's ability to find the football, in contests and on her own shows she has the football smarts to play football at a higher level. Keep working on your disposal skills ( kicking and handballs)
- Megan Cahill's marking and use of the ball shows she knows how to play this game. I know she would have loved this opportunity 10 years ago. With each game I see her winning more and more of the football
- Lucinda is another who has a very good football brain and knows how to win the football, she is a leader within this group. Keep working "hard" on your kicking skills as this will see your effectiveness increase dramatically.
- Dee, Cassie both have showed they can play football and are very important players within this group who have the potential to be regular Senior players with more games under their belts
- Wighty's leadership on and off the field was evident on Saturday with positive constructive talk as well as her fierce contesting on the ground provided many opportunities.
-Montana continues to show she has the ability to play higher level football and just needs confidence to take the game on. When she has the ball we all know she will use it effectively, we just want her to have more of it in her hands.
- Mia looked good when given the opportunity to contest in the ruck. We need her more involved in the games as up forward she is being starved of opportunities, which may mean playing more around the ground at times
- Having another new player in Tiarne play was a real bonus as she showed she has the skills to cleanly win the ball and use it effectively.
- The willingness of all our first year players in Bridget, Monique, Caitlyn Meaden, Kristy, Dyna, Elloise, Casey to contest and look for handballs to create opportunities is very very encouraging
- Our more experienced players in Megan Winton, Stacey (until injured) and Tyla all show strength around the ground. This also shows me that the Reserves are a young new team when I include Tyla as "experienced" when she has only played one year of football.

From the goal square I could see a great deal of how we played and where we broke down in our ability to have more scoring shots. If the 5 players we had up in the Seniors had played on Saturday the structure of the team would have changed dramatically. It was the number of times that we won a contested football and hand balled effectively to a player who was then able to kick the ball forward that stood out every time we did it. I saw new players instinctively handball on their left, effectively when if they had of tried their preferred hand it wouldn't have been as quick or effective. It is the willingness of this group to take into games what we practice every week at training that is very impressive. There are a lot of things to like about the Reserves team, in particular the team spirit and character it has. Please keep wanting to be apart of this anyway you can

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