Round 6 (Women's Football)

0.1-1 2.3-15 4.7-31 5.8-38
Endeavour Hills
2.2-14 3.3-21 3.7-25 5.8-38

Goal Kickers: R. Cridland 2, E. Muir, V. Sanford, S. Kelly-Goodrich
Best Players: I. Francis, E. Muir, V. Sanford, M. Obien, G. Parker, J. Belkin

It's taken me time to reflect on this game. Two teams which each had about two quarters where they won the quarters and were well beaten in the other two. Makes you wonder what changed and why did Endeavour Hills dominate the first and last quarters and why did we the second and in particular the third quarter. It showed me that, against good teams, if you aren't switched on as a "team" things can change very quickly. I strongly believe that if the playing group we have is switched on for 4 quarters not many teams will beat us. Our first quarter we weren't in the game until Endeavour Hills got two goals up, then we wanted it ( to play hard) and we fought back. We did enough in the last quarter to win the game and this we must learn from! ( I will detail this in my summary)
- maintaining our unbeaten record at home, against very good opposition
- Biffo's contesting and hard work all game, showed great leadership
- Imani's commitment to the team with a great performance at Full Back. Unfortunately we missed her goal kicking up forward
- ruck work and marking around the ground of Liz and vital goal
- solid game after a slow start by Vicki with dominate 3rd quarter and long goal set us up in a strong position at threequarter time
- Obie's strength around contests set up many opportunities
- Laura's versatility around the ground playing many positions
- increased confidence of Kaila who backed her skills and ability with strong marks at vital times in the game
- defensive work of Ginger, Britta, Kylie and Abbie held up under pressure
- contesting and run of both Jess and Anna, which at times was important in setting up forward opportunities. Pushing yourselves to more contests, backing your abilities will see you win more of the ball
- Riley's ability to kick two goals, in particular the last one, which should have set up a win.
-Hannah Burr, Emily Cairns and Hannah Lewis ability to win the ball and use it effectively
- Charlotte, Montana, Sarah Kelly and Caitlyn Brouwer's playing two games and all showing they can play at this level

One thing we need to learn from this game is what should be done when playing a good opposition in a tight game and you are in a winning position late in the game? What are the things we should do to use up time on the clock, remembering there is no time on in our games. I have thought a lot about this and as the coach I should have sent the runner out to our defenders to shut the game down and burn time, but I didn't! I will next time. What does this mean?
With 40 seconds to go we were 7 points up, which we should have:
- when the next point was kicked, leave to ball over the fence as long as possible. No need to kick it in any quicker than the umpire makes us?
- all players lead to the boundary so that the ball can be cleared around the boundary or time wasted with throw ins. Not kick it to the CHB area
- force the ball around the boundary, with throw in after throw in. 40 seconds can be eaten up quickly
Take confidence out of this game as Endeavour Hills are the bench mark in this competition and I know we can improve over the coming weeks.

5.4-34 7.10-52 12.11-83 16.16-112
Frankston Dolphins
0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0

Goal Kickers: S. Kelly-Goodrich 5, M. Philip 3, M. Macfarlane 2, D. Carey 2, M. Winton 2, T. Garlick, C. Crouch
Best Players: C. Crouch, S. Kelly-Goodrich, M. Macfarlane, A. Dougan, D. Carey , C. Brouwer

This game was not only important to all players but also all coaches. It gave us a chance to see if what we have worked on since January was working. What the performance of the Reserves showed with such a comprehensive win was it is. When a team of players can play and team together like the Reserves did on Saturday, it shows with more games and experience, this group of players will win many games. Most of the teams we have played so far have several experienced players so when this group gets players with 25 to 50 games it's exciting to think how they might play.
- a strong performance all over the ground
- Charlotte's first game back with strong ruck work around the ground and to follow up playing most quarters in the Seniors
- Sarah Kelly's goal kicking and smart play up forward with 5 goals
- strong marking and goals from Mia showed what she can do given opportunities
- Montana's ability to find space up forward and kicking two goals
- Tyla's first goal for the season
- Annie, Dayna and Megan Cahill's marking around the ground and good use of the ball
- Wighty's leadership and talking along with several handballs, which resulted in goals
- Dee's attack on the ball with several hard ball wins
- Caitlyn Brouwer's ability to hold down Centre Half Back and play a dominate part in the win.
- all players involvement in the game with handballs, tackles and great team work

This game showed this group has the understanding of what's needed to play very good football. All it needs is more games and experience to be able to compete against those teams who have experienced players. This will take time but the but will come based on how this group played in this game
It was great to watch

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