Round 7 (Women's Football)

St Kilda Sharks
0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
8.4-52 9.5-59 11.9-75 12.10-82

Goal Kickers: E. Muir 4, R. Cridland 2, M. Obien, L. Noonan, V. Sanford, I. Francis, J. Belkin, H. Buur
Best Players: G. Speedy, E. Muir, J. Belkin, V. Sanford, R. Waymouth , H. Buur

Positions on the ladder can never be taken as a pre game indication of how any game might turn out, which I mentioned my concern about this game pre match. Our first quarter was one of the best we have played gaining maximum results with an 8.4.52 quarter, which set up a very comfortable win. The last three quarters were played with St Kilda Sharks dropping one back across their backline, which made goals harder to come by, but ended any chance of them putting any scoreboard pressure on us. Apart from this game being won on the scoreboard in the first quarter it was our half back line that controlled the match and set up many scoring opportunities.
Speedy's dominance across half back with strong marks early and many clearing kicks. At times I want you to think about your position on the ground and when to join the contest and when to sit out the back defensively or a kick behind the play. On occasions you were contesting in the middle of the ground where our mid field and on ballers were too. Push back for us to feed it back to you or be in a position to mark miss kicks out back
Gingers reliability across half back and improved use of the ball through both Jess and Anna many times. Her ability to play when not well and use up a "whole" roll of toilet paper during the game?
Hannah Lewis last quarter, when our senior players were off the ground showed great leadership and held our backline together.
Kaila, Sarah Kelly and Britta all did their jobs when needed, which backed up our strong halfback line when the ball got past them
Our mid field dominated, particularly both wings with Jess, Anna and Abbie who all linked up well and ran the ball forward continually. Add Vicki and Obie's dominance around the ground and Hannah Buur's effectiveness and great use of the ball we got on top at centre bounces and won many clearances.
Biffo's first, second and third efforts see us push the ball forward whenever she is involved near the ball
Charlotte and Liz provided great ruck options all game and in particular both dominated up forward. 4 goals from Liz was great reward for outstanding effort.
Both Imani and Laura provide the ideal targets across half forward and are so important to us contesting and winning the ball in our forward line. Goals from both was a good outcome.
Having a tall forward in Riley is adding options up forward and her early overhead mark and goal from a set shot is what we hope to see a lot more of.
The work of Emily Cairns and Sarah Kelly up forward contested well and created goal opportunities and played their role
Dee across half back read the ball well and can win the ball consistently, need to work on kicking skills to hit targets 25 to 35 metres away
Thanks Chucky for sitting on the bench, which gave me the opportunity to bring, Speedy, Vicki and Liz off late in the game
No serious injuries from this game
Hearing the Reserves had won was a real buzz to the group
This time of any season is a real challenge because footy seasons are sooo long and it's hard to stay up for a whole season. We need to be aware of this and keep making small commitments to one another to stay up and play enjoyable football over the next few weeks. As we get closer to finals it will become easier but we all need to work as a group to keep the team up and about.
A very good result today, which was great to be apart of.

0.0 0.6-6 0.6-6 2.7-19
3.4-22 3.8-26 4.12-36 5.12-42

Goal Kickers: S. Williams, M. Philip, M. Wightman , K. Tate
Best Players: S. Williams, L. Strong, M. Cahill, E. Travica, B. Fisher, M. Winton

Fantastic team effort today! A big thankyou firstly to those from the Mornington FNC crew for giving up their Sunday to help out with the girls footy.

The girls played with great spirit today. The belief in yourselves & your team mates really showed. We started really strong after we won the toss to kick with the wind. And put in 100% effort for the full four quarters never taking the foot off the pedal.
Half way through the season now & seven games under our belt, it is great to see all the girls settling into positions & gaining confidence by the quarter.
I feel you all have trust in your teammates which shows with all the extra 1 percenters and little things like tackles, shepherds, and taking bumps for the team.
Just goes to show that with that belief & teamwork that we can come out on top.
- A blitz in the first quarter finishing 22-0
- Monique's physics defying snap goal from behind the point post after the quarter time siren!
- Sarah schooling her opposition in the art of ruck work & a great break away goal.
- Strong centre clearance work by Krispy, Lu & Meg, using the ball well with quick hands, feet, and excitingly breaking out of the packs to move forward.
- Ellie with a great game back after injury winning herself two "thumbs" up
- Wighty's "captains goal" from set shot in the last quarter, taking the wind out of the there sails.
- Battlefront defence in Montana, Megan, Cass, Tyla, Caitlin & Bridget, fighting gailforce winds & restricting the opposition to only 2 goals for the game
- Great endeavour from Emma & Steegs getting in and around the contests.
- Kylie's attack on the ball in the forward line & gazelle like chase down tackle in defense was great to watch.
- Fantastic work by Casey, Tiarne & Sharna contributing needed pressure on the opponent.
- Mia's grand execution of a no look handball to set up a goal.

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