Round 8 (Women's Football)

Mornington: 7.11.53 defeated Eastern Devils 1.2.9

Goals: Liz 2, Chucky 2, Hannah Lewis 2, Riley 1
Best: Obie, Liz, Jess, Vicki, Britta, Jenna, Chucky, Hannah Lewis, Laura, Anna, Speedy, Kaila, Ginger, Cassie, the team

Today was a clear indication that we are heading in the right direction. In round 5 we played Eastern Devils with the score 5.3.33 to our 7.8.50 and early in the last quarter we were only 1 point up! Today was a clear win: 60 effective handballs to their 35, 48 inside 50's to their 22, 18 shots on goal to their 3. Well done to everyone.
It was in our second half I saw the best indication of our improvement. I felt our "clean and effective" use of the ball in close and, to open up the game, was very good. No need for any penalties. We are starting to gain more confidence in one another and are making better decisions all over the ground
Obie: strong work around the packs and many many clearance and inside fifties.
Liz: dominance in the ruck and strong marks around the ground. At least two inside 50 strong overhead marks, which resulted in 2 goals
Jess: dominance on her wing and several inside 50's
Jenna: welcome to the team. Great first half with many defensive rebounds and smart use of the ball to team mates
Vicki's in and under hard ball gets and several strong overhead mark and ability to find players down the ground with effective kicks. Excellent clean handballs under pressure.
Britta's reading of the play and several defensive marks. Need to keep working on effective kicking skills
Biffo' contesting all game, which we spoke about clean hands taking the ball, don't snatch, let the ball come to you, have confidence and trust your skills, you have been a great addition to this group, which is growing every week.
Strong, solid and reliable defensive work across half back and in front of goals by, Speedy, Ginger, Sarah Kelly, Kaila and Cassie's strong marks at full back
Hannah Lewis dominance in the first quarter with two good goals and one post could have been 3, and strong run of half back
Chucky' strength in front of goals set up scoring opportunities and held the ball in our forward line, plus her two goals.
Laura's strong work across half forward and ruck work and ability to take contested marks in packs and up forward
Anna' ability to find to ball consistently and run and carry with several in side 50 entries
Hannah Buur's second half on the wing saw her best football with several clear ball wins and run through forward 50 entries. Hannah is a very good user of the ball and all players should know she can hit you as a target when she has the ball
Riley', Emily and Dyna's contesting and good marking up forward, particulars Emily's marking in the last quarter.
Although these players did not have a huge amount of game time due to me knowing they would play later in the Reserves they all contributed when on the ground, Montana, Megan, Dee, Cassie a big thank you all
As individuals and as a team we should be improving with 8 rounds now played and most of us training together since January. However there is always change in team sports that we have to adjust too, Jenna and Megan Cahill playing their first Senior games, Cassie and Dyna their second and Montana her 3rd, who all played their part in this team today. That's what we have to do each week, keep building on our experience together, 42 players so far have played Seniors this season and we are working to build a very strong team of 25 that will make selection hard over the coming weeks.

Mornington 5.2.32 def by
Hastings 12.12.84

Goals: Britt 2, Meg 2, Wizz
Best: Annie, Dee, Meg, Monti, Steegs, Ellie, Britt, Wizz, Anna

In a game against a top 4 side, the team played with great spirit again. Our endeavour around the field is fantastic and our determination to win the ball is great to watch. Improving our use of the ball all comes with experience and there was still some very promising signs today.
The final score does not reflect how well you all played. It was only in the 3rd quarter that we lost our way a little and they kicked away increasing the margin. But to go back out in the 4th and keep it to 1 goal a piece just showed again, we have the ability to compete.
- Britts 2 snags from her Centre half forward role.
- Steegs putting her body on the line with a face smother late in the game.
- Kat successfully dodging Annie's cracking launch that landed out of bounds.
- Anna's 40+ metre run, bounce & kick forward.
- Jody as a first gamer, composed mark & kick hitting her target to set up a goal.
Thanks to the girls who played two games to help out today!

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