Round 9 vs Chelsea (Football/Netball)

2.0-12 9.1-55 10.1-61 11.4-70
4.6-30 5.7-37 10.10-70 12.13-85

Goal Kickers: P. McGettigan 3, C. Baker 2, J. Calder 2, R. Healey, T. Crimmins, S. Seager, T. Young, J. Halsall
Best Players: E. Bitters, J. Miller, P. McGettigan, R. Smith, W. Miller, C. Baker

No Coaches report submitted.

2.4-16 2.6-18 4.8-32 6.12-48
0.2-2 1.5-11 4.8-32 6.12-48

Goal Kickers: L. Pellissier 2, J. Riley, J. Brown, N. Abbott, S. Dalziel
Best Players: L. Fitzsimmons, M. Crossley, J. Wells, C. Robinson, L. Pellissier, J. Turnbull

After a week off we fronted up to Chelsea away with both teams on two wins it was going to be who ever wanted to win the the most . The whole match was close with both teams taking the lead at different stages during the game.The boys did not give up all day and the final result was a draw with each team getting two points .We might not of got the four points but our football as a team is getting better and I am sure the wins will come the second half of the season.

Under 19’s
0.0 1.0-6 3.1-19 5.1-31
2.6-18 5.13-43 7.15-57 10.23-83

Goal Kickers: H. Anderson 3, J. Poole 2, B. Webber, T. Susovich, L. Gorka, L. Mitchell, L. O''Sullivan
Best Players: T. Susovich, H. Anderson, O. Walsh, S. Hutchins, L. O''Sullivan, J. Poole

This week we welcomed back Lauchie Hewitt who sustained a serious head injury earlier in the year. In addition another Lauchie played his first game for the club and are warm welcome extends to the Mitchell family.
For the most part our footy was scrappy at best. To have 33 scoring shots and come up with are total of less than100 points is disappointing. Our work in front of goal needs to improve quickly if we are to contend later in the season. All in all we just squeezed through with a pass mark and can now look forward to taking on the Pines back at the kennel.


B Grade Chelsea 49 drew 49 Mornington
C Crade Chelsea 32 def 30 Mornington
D Grade Chelsea 18 def by 38 Mornington

The B grade squad had a titanic struggle against Chelsea with the lead changing with each major break. Katey Rudolph and Charli Brown were outstanding in the goal ring remaining calm and shooting confidently despite some heavy defensive pressure. Chris Anthony was feeding the goalers freely and Monica Watkins came up with some timely intercepts through the mid-court. The final term basically saw the teams trading goal for goal ending up with a draw as neither team could get the ascendancy.

C grade had a close game but were losing players left right and centre to injury and illness, leaving some of the B grade girls to also come and help. It just wasn't there day & they went down by 2 goals. I have no doubt this loss will be made up for Saturday at home.

D grade show cased another display of hard work and passion for netball and each other coming away with another win. They are a well bonded team which shows in games & should come away with another convincing win this week at home.

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