Round 9 (Women's Football)

Mornington: 9.6.60 defeated Beaconsfield 6.3.39

Goals: Riley 2, Imani 2, Hannah Lewis 2, Charlotte 1 Megan Cahill 1, Liz 1
Best: Speedy, Obie, Laura, Biffo, Liz, Charlotte, Vicki, Sarah, Riley, Imani, Cassie

This game was good for several reasons, we need to play under pressure against good teams, which will help us better understand one another’s roles in the team. It was good to see Speedy and Jenna working well together across half back in only their second game together. It was good to see the evenness of our performance across the playing group, with everyone playing their role when needed. One thing to learn is that goals are easier to kick if the ball gets between defenders and the goals. A couple of Beaconsfield’s goals came too easily with their loose players getting behind our defence. Hence they ended up kicking 6.3 instead of 3.6. Overall a very solid win against good opposition
Speedy and Jenna’s link up handballs across half back which resulted in many forward moves
Laura’s leads making a strong positive target at CHF, which saw several strong marks and effective forward moves. Smart use of the ball with kicks to team mates.
Obie’s strength around the packs winning considerable amount of the ball.
Sarah’s first game in the Seniors with a dominant performance on the wing, showed excellent ball skills with plenty of run.
Cassie’s solid performance at full back, along with Ginger, Kaila, Britta, Dee and Monti all stood up under pressure and stopped several Beaconsfield forward moves. Remember to work hard to keep yourself between the ball and the goals. If the ball gets behind you it’s in a more dangerous position.
Monti: A couple of very good marks across half back and excellent use of the ball. Back you marking skills more and don’t let the ball get behind you when it is in the air, if you don’t mark it it has to come to the front.
Ginger, found plenty of the ball and was in the right position many times. Have confidence in how you have played the whole season working on gaining clean control of the football first, then picking the best option.
Biffo excellent tagging game early until the player got injured, then played her usual solid game around the ground.
Vicki, very good in and under game considering the tight tag you had, Never stopped contesting with several tackles and smoothers. It was noticeable when you were moved out of the centre up forward and down back how we missed you contesting around the packs.
Our forward structures had a lot of positives this game with improvement from Riley with more games with us, Laura’s leads and being a target up forward, Imani and Hannah Lewis’s ability to take marks and kick goals and Charlottes strong overhead work and long first quarter goal. Add to that Meagan Cahills ability to win several contests and kick a very good goal.
Hannah Buur’s use of the ball and Vicki told me of her smarts to bump her tagger on several occasions. Something to learn here when one of our top players is being tagged, get in between them and your team mate. Anything that can show we are a team and no one can stop any of our players. Hannah one thing I want you to work on at training and over the next few weeks is be “loud” yell, get your voice up. Have confidence is your football ability, we want the ball in your hands, so demand it around the ground.
Rylo, playing the first quarter and getting through was a real positive with several touches in the quarter. We look forward to her playing more game time over coming weeks.
At 3 quarter time I sensed the game had been tough with several tired players and I asked for every player to talk to their team mates to get them past their tiredness. The first 5 minutes of the last quarter was some of the best football we have played against a good team who would have thought they were still in the game. 3 goals had the score at 9 to 3, yet we let them kick the next 3 goals.
We need to learn from this and set some goals: No team kicks two goals in a row against us! Everyone has to be pumping one another up when an opposition kicks a goal making sure we don’t stop talking until we get the next goal.
I wonder how many of you dropped off your talking when we had the game won 10 minutes into the quarter?

Mornington: 7.7.49 defeated Officer: 1.4.10

Goal: Megan Cahill 2, Wizz 2, Loz 1, Emily Cairns 1, Ellie 1
Best: Abbie, Megan Cahill, Emily Cairns, Dee, Annie, Mia, Emma, Loz, Montana

This game started with Officer pushing the ball forward with the aid of the wind early in the first quarter, which looked like we might struggle to get the ball forward. Our defence held up strongly during this initial onslaught and then we moved the ball forward and continued to do so for the rest of the game. Two goals against the breeze in the first quarter really set up the win. At quarter time the atmosphere around the group was so positive it was great to be around. The number of effective handballs each quarter, which averaged 18, was a clear sign of the team working hard together

Abbie; First game in the Reserves dominated her side of the ground with at least 3 effective handballs in the first quarter
Emily Cairns, strength and use of the ball at CHF gave a real target every time we went forward
Mia’s ruck work in the centre and around the ground was dominate with several clear taps to players breaking out of the centre
Megan Cahill’s great positioning around the ground with several strong marks and excellent left foot goal in the first quarter.
Dee, Emma Hansen and Monti’s work in the back line held up many Officer attacks
Wizz’s ability to win the ball in front of goal and kick two goals.
Wighty’s second half in defence with several goal saving tackles.
Ellie’s goal in the third quarter was freakish.
Loz’s return to the team to help out showed her ability to play football is yet untapped.
BT’s first game with marks and several ball wins
Sunday playing and helping the team looked like another Parker can play football too.
I said after the game, as a coach, there are days that you really enjoy seeing results from the work that is done off the field. The Reserves win was four quarters of team football with everyone contributing. It was great to see the likes of Casey take a strong mark in defence and then pass it off to Monti. Improvement is evident in everyone and the team spirit around this group is a credit to all.

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