Round Two VS Seaford- Wrap up


1.2-8 6.5-41 9.5-59 15.9-99
1.4-10 4.5-29 9.11-65 13.14-92

Goal Kickers: J. Calder 4, C. Baker 2, J. Miller 2, J. Halsall, W. Miller, S. Seager, R. Odell, H. Cameron
Best Players: W. Miller, J. Halsall, J. Calder, B. Harvey , N. Martin, S. Seager

It’s never an easy trip to Seaford and the boys were given a reminder of that on the weekend. We bounced out of the blocks but couldn’t capitalise on the score board, after the first 10 minutes we were 1.4 to zero then big Mick McGowan playing his first game for the year snapped a hammy, Chris Baker went down with an elbow followed by Jimmy Cameron with concussion. We were just behind on the scoreboard at half time and were playing ordinary football, so we thought if we could fix up a few things then we should be able to get our noses in front. That was the case up until 2 minutes remaining, we found ourselves 7 points up with the ball in our forward line, 2 minutes later we walked off with a loss. Better players on the day were Warwick and Joel Miller, Josh Halsall and Brad Harvey tried hard all day and Nick Martin continues to improve every week.


2.1-13 5.3-33 5.6-36 9.8-62
3.1-19 3.2-20 6.5-41 6.5-41

Goal Kickers: B. Tomczak 3, D. Vercoe, J. Hutchison, K. Brouwer
Best Players: B. Tomczak, J. Brown, L. Susovich, S. Wright, D. Vercoe

With the Season up and running, we headed down to take on Seaford at their home ground.
A slight breeze blowing down the end of the ground we were kicking to in the first quarter. We started the game with a lot of promise led by our Captain Sammy Wright and the inclusion for his first game this year Brendan Tomzyk.
Seaford were kicking with the wind in the 2nd quarter I thought our boys battled very hard to contain them and went into half time 2 goals down.
The start of the 3rd quarter was very encouraging with 2 goals kicked early in the quarter and having a bit of a run on. If not for a couple of missed opportunities we may have gone into the last quarter with a bigger lead.
With the last quarter on its way and our injury list growing, Seaford got a run on and kicked 5 or 6 goals to take victory. It was great to see our boy’s battle right to the end, special mention to Heath Whitfield who rucked tirelessly the entire game.
I know the work we are doing at training will pay off, we must be persistent and keep trying new things and taking the game on.
I'm pleased with the progress we are making and the determination of all the Reserve players to make themselves better footballers, we need to get on the track and work harder.
We look forward to our match against Mt Eliza coming up on Anzac Day.

UNDER 19’s

3.4-22 5.8-38 5.8-38 6.10-46
1.2-8 2.4-16 6.10-46 7.11-53

Goal Kickers: Q. Christy 3, K. Bird 2, B. Bird, J. Edwards
Best Players: B. Bird, K. Bird, J. Wells, J. Weyne, A. Williams, B. Harding

Round two had us travelling up the highway to Seaford. With of a couple of unexpected outs we knew that this match was going to stretch us. Seaford started well and once again we were slow to react and found it hard to control the footy for any length of time. Just before the half time break things started to turn our way a little more, giving us an opportunity to play our way into the game. A couple of positional changes after half time had us at least breaking even with our opponents and our pressure on and around the footy started to pay dividends. When the game eventually came to a premature end late in the fourth quarter with a head injury to a Seaford boy, we were seven points in front.
Just a special mention to both teams medical staff for doing such a great job week in week out with our players. The pace of the game has collisions happening more often and with much greater impact than ever before. Without the help of trained medical staff the safe playing our great game would not be possible.

D Grade Seaford 28 def 16 Mornington
C Grade Seaford 33 def 27 Mornington
B Grade Seaford 42 def 33 Mornington
A Grade Seaford 48 def 39 Mornington

What a difference a week can be in netball. Whilst we executed our plays effortlessly in Round 1 we were unsure in our decision making last week. The physical pressure the “Tiger Lillies” put on us was the difference in all grades.
We were low on numbers in D so Naomi helped out in defence and aquitted herself well. Lauren was awesome in centre and we were well beaten in only the third quarter which caused the upset.
Errors cost us the C grade game, once again in the third qtr with indecisive passing. An excellent full game by Eliza in defence ably assisted by Barnesy. With all 3 regular goalers absent Gabby and Bianca worked well together.
B’s were evenly matched with Meg working overtime in defence. Overall there was not enough +ve stats with the placement of the ball into our goalers not always the right choice. Seaford was physically stronger with an accurate GS being the difference.
A’s put in a gallant performance against a mostly Peninsula Waves combination. Ace gave us lots of drive from defence and Tess put on an exceptional performance with her closing speed on any loose ball. All players contested well even with Vicki and Tess taking each other out in the contest. A great third quarter wore down the Tigers to prove we can match or better them. This gives us something to work on this week before we meet arch rivals, Red Legs, next Monday in the Anzac Day clash at Hampden St courts. So come down and watch our exciting new teams Monday arvo.

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