SEAFL 2021 Season UPDATE

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AFLSE wishes to advise on some key decisions regarding the awarding of premierships for season 2021 for all AFLSE leagues and competitions.
Due to the cancellation of all 2021 finals series within the AFLSE South East administered leagues, it has been determined that no premierships will be awarded for the MPNFL, SEWF, SEJ, FDJFL and Top Age Competition this season. In determining this position, the completion of a finals series was considered critical to recognise and award a Premiership.
However, AFLSE determined it was necessary to recognise the teams that finished first on the ladder across all competitions. Therefore, the team that finished first on the ladder after, or at the cancellation of, the home and away season will be acknowledged as the Minor Premiers for season 2021.
No premiership flags or medallions will be presented.

It was determined that automatic promotion and relegation will not be applied this year due to the shortened home and away season and cancellation of the finals series. The application of promotion and relegation has been to promote the Division 2 team that wins the grand final, not the team which finishes first after the home and away season. As a finals series was not able to be completed, it was determined that automatic promotion should not be applied.
AFLSE notes that any consideration to the movement of teams between divisions outside of the automatic promotion and relegation process would be considered a change in competition structure requiring a special resolution and support of 75% of clubs and is not a determination AFLSE could make.
This decision is separate to the motion put forward by Hastings FNC regarding competition structure for 2022. We note that motion must be voted on by MPNFL clubs. AFLSE will continue to work with the MPNFL strategic sub-committee on the consideration of competition structure with respect to the potential admission of clubs for 2022.

AFLSE will present individual awards (League Best & Fairest etc), with the award ceremonies to be presented online over the coming weeks. Further details to follow.
AFLSE wishes to again take this opportunity to thank all clubs, players, parents, volunteers, officials, umpires and commercial partners for their support and understanding throughout a challenging 2021 season.
Will Dakis
Regional Manager - South East

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