Women's Senior Football- 2nd Semi Final

Mornington 6.6.42 defeated Beaconsfield 5.1.31
Goals: Hannah 2, Wighty 1, Amanda 1, Renee 1, Morgan 1
Best: Anna, Ginger, Georgia, Lucinda, Laura, Amanda, Vicki, Jess, Leah, the whole team.

This was a first for most of the players today, playing in a football final, which they have now experienced with a hard fought win against good opposition. According to the stats we had 20!effective handball receives to 3 for Beaconsfield and 35 inside 50's to Beaconsfields 19, which is why we won the game. We now have two weeks to get your bodies right for another challenge in this years Grand Final. Once we know where it's played I hope we can all get together to watch the game next week.

- Wighty's mark in the goal square kicking our first goal and her last 10 minutes back on the wing
- Speedy and Gingers games across half back for 4 quarters was outstanding
- Anna's ruck work and dominance through the middle all game was inspirational.
- The defensive work of Kylie, Kaila and Megan, which held up all game
- Lucinda's great game tagging no 13 (not 16) was well done all game with her making many tackles and creative handballs many times
- On ball work of Jess and Leah all around the ground created many opportunities
- Bone crunching tackles by Vicki all game and her control across half back in the last quarter
- Amanda's strong marking and contesting and smart use of her body and good handballs
- Having both Laura and Liz across half forward was a great advantage and created many opportunities
- Renee's ability to find the much needed goal in the last quarter when the pressure was on.
- Hannah's 2 goals, particularly her last quarter goal after breaking her tagger for most of the game. A great long goal kick!
- Lauren getting more game time and her attack on the ball
- Chances created by Nicole, Tyla, Michelle, Gale, Corrina and Amy, who all with limited time could have had a big impact on the game. Near marks by Nicole and Michelle could have ended in set shots fo goal and Tyla gave out 2 handballs in the 3rd quarter which could have ended in shots on goal.
- This win was achieved without much impact from Emma and Morgan who are both carrying injuries, which we hope will be right in 2 weeks time.
- Winning through to a Grand Final in 2 weeks time means I can relax (a little) this week before we build up for another exciting challenge.

This has been a long journey over a short period of time where you didn't know a lot of our players and they didn't know you. In that time you have made strong friendship that could last a lifetime if we win in two weeks. Everyone has improved individually (E.G: Corinna's ball bouncing), which is so important to our teams improvement. The team is improving every week, it has just won its first ever final.
We are in a Grand Final, which only 25 other players can make, so enjoy it, you are part of something very few players get to do.

- Wighty's mark in the goal square and kicking our first goal
-Speedy's strength an outstanding game at CHB
- Lucinda's tagging roll all game and tackles and handballs all game

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