Women's Senior Football- GRAND FINAL

Mornington : 6.7.43 defeated Beaconsfield: 3.3.21
Goals: Renee 2, Liz 1, Lucinda 1, Morgan 1, Hannah 1
Best: Thali, Lucinda, Vicki, Ginger, Liz, Laura, Anna, Emma the whole team.

I know I said I wasn't going to write a match report on the Grand Final, but now a few days have past it's a good time to reflect on the game and what we achieved. Saturday would have to have been one of the longest days in my life, playing the game at 5.30pm!. For Beaconsfield to cheer loudly when they won the toss and kicked with the breeze gave us an edge, if we could hold or beat them in the first quarter. When they kicked the first quick goal, the pressure was really on, which you all responded too. So proud of how you all played that first quarter and I cannot wait to watch the replay. To finish the quarter a point down set us up, but more importantly broke them, as their cheers before the game started had to have them well in front at quarter time. The rest of the game is a bit of a blur now and I will enjoy it more when the "movie" comes out!

- Tahli's game after breaking her arm before the season started and being concussed in our last home game was a highlight and her first half was sizzling footy.
- Lucinda's game as a tagger on 16 and kicking a goal was a big reason Beaconsfield could not get any run through the middle
- Vicki's strength and leadership, her tackles, smothers and use of the ball was no wonder the umpires chose her as BOG. Her smart kick to Wizz in the second quarter from a free kick, which Wizz went back and kicked a goal was all class!
- Laura's strength and marking at CHF gave us a target up forward all game.
- Liz, who has played with injury and pain all year was outstanding in the second half in the ruck. We all don't know how good a ruck Liz is due to her injuries and I look forward to her future when she can play pain free. An inspirational Captain.
- Ginger's game tagging No 20 who dominated early and her defensive work off half back. I was reluctant to move Ginger from half back to tag 20 but had to stop her and stop her Ginger did. Great game
- All our back line players in Georgia, Kaila, Megan, Kylie, Lauren and Nicole who had a short run down back, held up under great pressure. As a team we had the least kicked against us all year even with playing the other 4 top sides twice
- Anna's ruck work and contesting around the ground in the first half and outstanding defensive play across half back in the second half.
- Kylie's confrontation with No 24 in front of our coaches box in the second quarter after being punched. I would love to know "what" Kylie said to her at the time because No 24 went missing in action for the rest of the game!
- Renee's ability to kick goals (2) at crucial times will be missed with her retirement. I'm hoping Renee will stay involved as a "skills" coach next year?
- Our onball players in Emma, Jess, Morgan, and Leah all played valuable rolls during the game. Jess also across half back in the first quarter when we were under pressure early.
- Wighty's work on the wing early and hard contesting when the ball was near. Her enthusiasm all game was just great
- Hannah taking a strong mark in the last quarter to go back and kick the goal to seal the premiership was fitting after being tagged hard all game. I would love Hannah to stay with this group for at least one more year, as I see ways of changing her game style to include both her attacking style and a newer pressure creative style, which requires team support when it's in action. We have the team to do this with her!
-.Amanda's work up forward and her two bounces in the third quarter, although one too many?
- Sarah's game on the wing, especially her last quarter, which gave us plenty of run and forward movement
- The acceptance of Nicole, Tyla, Michelle and Corinna that they got limited game time and took their opportunities when they came was great. This showed such commitment to the team more than themselves and it is why we are such a tight group.
- Having Amy, Ellie, Gail and Sarah at the game supporting and Becci in spirit was great. Also Amy being able to be presented with a Premiership medal was priceless. Ellie and Sarah have also received medals and I have one each for Gail and Becci too.
- Winning 14 of 16 games including two hard finals and a Premiership is something you can only dream of, normally!

Premierships do not come around very often. In 2016 there were only "7" Premiership Cups handed out in the VWFL competitions across Victoria. Think how many teams and players made up all these competitions?
Mornington FNC Womens team won one, amazing. You all deserved it because you proved during the year you where the best "team"! On at least two occasions I recall winning games that we shouldn't have, we played against better players but as a team we were too strong. Soo proud of all of you. You deserve the enjoyment and satisfaction you are feeling right now.
I cannot wait to see the GF video

- Tahli: outstanding game coming back from concussion. ( loved the Sunday neck brace)
- Lucinda: big reason Beaconsfiield could get no run through the middle and her Goal!
- Vicki: Her passion and emotion for this team was clearly shown when the umpires awarded her BOG. As her coach and dad I loved it.

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