Women's Senior Football- Round 1

Women’s Football - 17/04/16
Mornington FNC: 22.25.157 defeated Warragul Colt: Nil

Goals: Muir 5, Lewis 4, Horvath 4, Bain 3, Sanford 1, Kelly 1, Garlick 1, Noonan 1, Tate 1, Dunn 1
Best: Muir, Noonan, Lewis, Bain, Dunn, Parker, Middleton, Sanford, Horvath, Winton, Speedy, the whole team

Wow! What a great start to the season on the scoreboard but let's not get carried away. There was a lot to like about today's game but also a lot to learn. The biggest difference between the two teams was our ability to share the ball and move it quickly with players prepared to give and get the footy all game. One great example was Gingers mark on halfback, kick to Corrina and the follow up handball receive to put us into attack. There were so many examples of this all around the ground, which we need to maintain and improve on against stronger opposition.
There were some great highlights today, Corrina's 4 goals and smart use of her body and positioning around the forward half, Becci and Tyla's first goals. Hannah and Morgan's running bounces and goals during the game. Laura's game in the Ruck was that of someone who looked like they had played this position many times.
The leadership of Vicki, Liz, Georgia, Kaila, Renee and Hannah all around the ground was exciting to see.
Stability of Georgia and Kaila across have back built many forward attacks
Megan at fullback was outstanding for the opportunities she had, her run around the back flank (2 bounces) in the 3rd quarter, which ended in a goal was great. Amanda's use of her body in contests and handballs were great and her pass from the boundary free kick to Liz resulting in a goal was smart footy. Meagans strength around contests and run around the ground resulted in many scoring opportunities.
Both Michelle and Lucinda, two girls new to football, provided great contests when opportunities occurred and each provided good handballs to team mates in better position.
Our two newer players in Sarah and Kylie both showed good football awareness and ability and will fit well into our team as the year progresses
Congratulations to everyone today on being part of our teams first win. It was fantastic to see our two injured young guns, Jess and Tahli at the game and thank Tahli for running water
Special thanks to Luke Wade for umpiring the game (great job) and Quinn Christie for running to boundary
Good luck to Vicki, Georgia and Renee who are training this week for representative teams, which play games next Sunday as part of ANZAC celebrations

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