Women's Senior Football- Round 10

Mornington FNC 16.16.112 defeated Warragul Colts 1.1.7

Goals: Renee Dunn 5, Liz Muir 4, Hannah Lewis 3, Amanda Sanford 2, Anna Greonewald 1, Corinna Horvath 1
Best: Hannah, Kaila, Vicki, Anna, Renee, Emma, Amanda, Ginger, Liz ,the team

Although the score may not indicate it, this was another tough game, mainly due to the heavy ground conditions, which will assist with several players fitness levels. The learning/message out of this game was provided/shown by Warragul Colts, who in the first quarter and a up until half time played with real spirt and enthusiasm, not something you usually see in a bottom side. The score at quarter time as 3.3. 21 to 1.1.7 showed what a lower team can do against a stronger team with real passion. The message is: The same applies to a strong skilled team, it will play better/winning football, if everyone has that sort of spirit and passion. This is our goal this week, from the first bounce, everyone together, with one purpose, working and teaming with pride in the Mornington jumper!

- Renee and Liz's goal kicking up forward and smart forward work in heavy traffic and conditions.
- Amanda' leading, marking and strong use of her body out of the goal square
- Emma' hard work around contests, use of the ball and high skill level all day
- Gingers role as a tagger in the second half provides the team with real options in this role
- Kaila and Speedy' s strong work and run off half back
- Newer players in Anna, Jess back for her 3rd game and Lauren all stood out with good skills and will improve each week, Anna's first goal for the season.
- Megan's mark in the last quarter and control of our full back line
- Lucinda in our backline and on ball in the second half with strong tackles and clean ball us
- Our players that helped out Warragul Colts, Ellie, Bek, Tyla, Gale, Lauren and Nicole, who all played well against us- Ellie taking her first mark.
- Kylie' ruck work in the first quarter, but I liked her strong defensive work in the second half across our backline
- Corinna's goal in the last quarter and spotting Aaron coming from a mile off!
- Vicki's in and under work all day and several strong heavy tackles during the game, plus her pass the her sister leading up from full forward was great for me to watch
- Hard work and run from both our wingers in Wighty and Hannah all day, plus Hannah's 3 goals (plus 8 points I think)
- Hannah improved looking for options up field when she has clean possession
- Amy creating opportunities up forward, which working on her hand and foot skills will achieve positive results in the future

The first half was a scrap and it wasn't until we realised in many contests 3 or more of our own players were fighting one another for the ball. After half time we had more players holding off the backs, ready to support receive and talk, which resulted in a much better second half. The last quarter with 7 goals showed how this helped to open up the game so we could play better running football. I'm looking forward to next weeks game and setting our sights on four x 20 minute quarters, of real passion and enthusiasm for our team and your team mates

- Anna' first goal of the season
- Emma slotting into the team so quickly with her high skill level and determination to win the ball.
- Amanda's strong leading from full forward, good body use, strong marking and several quick handballs to running team mates

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