Women's Senior Football- Round 11

Mornington FNC 2.13.25 defeated Edi/Asp FNC 3.2.20
Goals: Hannah 1, Renee 1
Best: Vicki, Emma, Amanda, Anna, Kaila, Ginger, Jess, Hannah, the team effort again.

Bad kicking is bad football! However, any win in footy is a good win, but those gutsy wins where you have to come from behind are the ones to celebrate and yesterday was one of those. The win and atmosphere after the game was a little soured by the uncertain condition of Wighty's injury and how serious it was. We all just wanted to know she was ok. To put this win in perspective, since round 4 Edi/Asp have only lost 1 game to Hallam by 4 points, which was played at Hallam and they have recently convincingly beaten Seaford and Rosebud. They are a good team on the up. Other injuries to Liz and Tahlia also meant the win did come at at cost, which is footy.

- Emma's game on ball with only 5 minutes off the ground in the first quarter was outstanding for only her second game with us.
- Vicki's inspirational game, particularly when we found ourselves down by 3 goals halfway through the third quarter. Moving her back into the centre and into the action helped change the game.
- Anna and Laura's ruck contesting and work up forwarded particularly Laura after being out for 3 weeks. She will only get better each week
- Jess's work on the ball and all round the ground all game.
- Ginger, Speedy and Kaila's defence and run off half back particulaly Speedy work on keeping the ball in front of her in the second half.
- Our backline players all day who were under constant pressure, Kylie, Megan, Lucinda, Gale, And Nicole.
- Hannah's attacking run and carry and hard running when she was thrown on ball.
- Liz and Amanda's work up forward and strong marking.
- Opportunities created up forward by Lauren, Nicole, Tyla, Gale, which if we could convert some of these to goals would be a great advantage.
- Wighty's commitment to win the footy, which unfortunately resulted in her injury, was an inspiration to everyone, particularly when the game and ball needed to be won in the last quarter
- Tahlia early ball use prior to getting injured
- Wizz who was having a very difficult emotional day, to "steel" herself to play the last quarter and kick the winning goal, is why we all love having her part of our team
- Team spirit of Ellie, who I spoke to about not getting any game time in such a tight game
- A discussion I had with Corrina two hours before our game at the Clubs Netball games at Bonbeach, watching Vicki play A Grade netbal, about her playing or being our trainer. Someone must have been watching over her decision to support the team to be our trainer. Her work in looking after Wighty cannot be under stated, she was amazing and I love having her part of our team. She is such an important part of why our team is gelling so well.

This game may have seemed like we didn't play well, but we did, 15 scoring shorts to 5 would normally result in an easier margin on the scoreboard. As stated Edi/Asp, in my opinion, are a good team on the improve and will challenge whoever they play for the rest of the year. We have strong team spirit and players prepared to link up and talk, but we need to do this much smarter, which is something we need to discuss as a Group (watch this space team meeting TBA). Good teams win when things don't go their way, like this game, poor goal kicking and everyone should take out of this game we are not beaten just because a team gets a couple of goals up, the game is won at the final siren.

A big thank you to Frank who ran the boundary today, along with all our helpers today and each week, Merrin, Ray, Sarah Elsdon and Glenn as Assistant Coach/Runner. Not to mention Luke and Aaron who were on a boys weekend away in Adelaide.

- Wizz steeling herself on a difficult emotional day to kick our winning goal late in the game
- Vicki's inspirational leadership, when exhausted having already representing the Club in its A Grade Netball win earlier.
- Corrina for giving up playing and being our trainer, which was so vital on the day 

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