Women's Senior Football- Round 12

Mornington FNC: 5.9.39 defeated Hallam Hawks: 2.3.15
Goals:,Renee 2, Jess 1, Ginger 1, Amanda 1
Best: Emma, Vicki, Ginger, Anna, Tahlia, Kaila, Jess, Laura, the team.

Against a team that needed to win to stay in contention for the final four, this was another strong win, particularly our first half of the 2nd quarter and our last quarter, both against the wind. It was pleasing to see the link up handballs around the packs and contests in the last quarter. We showed we want to win and have pride in our jumper, Club and team mates every time we play.

- Gingers defensive and attacking game up forward, particularly her first goal for the year
- Emma and Vicki working so well together and seemingly growing confidence in working hard around many contests
- Being able to play Anna across half back and seeing how well she adapted to this position turning many Hallam attacks into opportunities for us.
- All backline players, Megan, Gale, Lauren, Laura, Georgia, Kaila, Nicole and Lucinda. So far our backline as a team has had the least kick against it all year.
- Our wingers in Hannah and Jess who provide good run all game
- Tahlia's marking and play all game specially her last quarter
- Corrina's strong contesting, marking and talking on the ground at every opportunity she had
- Renee's two goals up forward along with Amanda's goal and marking and contesting. Both players are very important each week in how many goals we kick, making the most of their opportunities with goals
- The work of Sarah Wiiliams in the last quarter contesting ruck work provided great opportunities around each contest. It also covered Laura being off the ground freeing up other players in different positions
- Tyla, Nicole's and Ellie's marks around goal, which all could have ended up in goals, which requires more practice in taking set shots around goal. This you can all do from 15 to 20 metre out prior to training starting proper at 6pm!
- Michelle getting back from injury and contesting in the game and getting through
- Sarah getting more game time after a couple of weeks out

Thanks to everyone for being at our pre match meeting, which we will do each week over the next two weeks prior to finals, except this weeks meeting will start at 9am. We need to reinforce the same message, as it wasn't until the last quarter that we actually put several link up handballs into our game. Several players contested the same contest all game and no players lead hard out of the forward area to clear space behind them. Most players stood and waited in the one position when one of our players was kicking the ball into our forward 50. This must change


Gingers: Great defensive and attacking game and her first goal of the year
Emma's: High quality game all day and her first goal of the season
Megan: Not being the first player yellow carded and sent off this season. 

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