Women's Senior Football- Round 13

Mornington: 2.3.15 defeated by Seaford: 5.2.32
Goals: Tahlia 2
Best: Vicki, Tahlia, Emma, Anna, Jess, Ginger, Kaila, Kylie

It's amazing how after a loss all the bumps and bruises feel soo much worse and players needing ice is much larger. This game was a very good hit out for us and highlighted areas where we are vulnerable, it also help me think after the game about options and moves that could have been made but weren't. Think about the game, Seaford had 2 more scoring shots only and kicked 3 goals that could have gone either way ( snap from boundary in the 2nd quarter, Kylie being throw out of the contest in the goal square with no free kick and a kick through off the ground in the last quarter, which "should have been rushed through). This game should have been closer on the scoreboard than it was and we didn't play our best "team" game. So a lot to be learned and gained from this result.

- it was difficult to find best players who played 4 quarters or won their position on the day, which is although disappointing, it's a real positive as there is not much margin between this loss and players determine to beat their opponents will make a big difference.
- at no stage did we drop our heads or stop trying, which is a real strong point in our game
- Gingers hard work all day in running with No 49 showed us all a very good lesson. This player is very good and hard to stop, so next time I would not waste Ginger in this role, rather do two things:
- play her elsewhere where her skills benefit the team
- have the whole team conscious of this player to gang tackle at every opportunity as she doesn't' like it rough and tough
- Emma's first half was outstanding but also showed I need to rotate her and rest her up forward where she can be just as damaging
- we dropped a lot of uncontested marks, an unusual number, several times in key positions, which resulted in bad turnovers. This can be changed quickly with confidence and realisation that every marking opportunity is to be taken positively and with concentration
- Speedys strength is a real asset to us but when a team is aware of a players strength and gang tackles we ended up with her being caught with the ball on a couple of occasions. Two things to learn from this: 49 or any player can be gang tackled out of the game if the team is concentrating, and Speedy needs to have handball options every time she picks up the ball from now on, and she needs to give it off first option
- Tahlia,s 2 goals and strong overhead marking showed everyone how watching and concentrating on the ball can achieve the marks and results you want. Her leading and marking across half forward was fantastic and a credit to her after the limited games played this year.
- Kylie's hard work on No 88, which could have resulted in her just kicking 1 goal, if a free kick had been paid and the goal off the ground from the square was rushed through.
- Jess's game on the wing, which I'm seeing improvement every week as she plays more games
- Megan Wintons reading of the play across full back and several good marks that stopped several scoring opportunities
- All our player getting the opportunity to play under pressure against good opposition and feel the hurt of a loss

I hate losing! It might seem silly to say but this loss could be a good thing! When it counts and we all want to win we have to remember the bruises, pain and ice needed after a game, as you feel them much more than you do with a win! The only bad thing to come out of the loss was injuries to key players (Vicki, Kaila, Hannah), which may all be rested this week. This will give opportunity for more players to get longer game time and play in different positions. I will see how they all pull up later in the week.

- Kylie's work and effort at full back on no 88
- Gingers never give up attitude all game against a good player in nNo 49
- Tahlia's strong marking and leading all game

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