Women's Senior Football- Round 14

Mornington: 8.10.58 defeated Rosebud 8.4.52
Goal: Renee 3, Leah 1, Tahlia 1, Jess 1, Liz 1, Morgan 1
Best: Anna, Ginger, Emma, Vicki, Jess, Laura, Kylie, Hannah, team effort.

This game was a real test of our character and ability to win a tough game against good opposition, after a hard fought loss last week. We controlled the game for all but 2 minutes in the 3rd quarter and 5 in the last, when Rosebud kicked relatively easy goals quickly. This win was a solid win after 14 games of the season we have played all other top 5 teams twice to finish two games clear on top and earn the double chance we deserve. Well done to every one.

- Ginger and Laura's defensive work off half back along with Speedys strong play in the last 5 minutes at CHB, when we were under pressure.
-,Emma and Jess sharing the on ball and forward play worked well all game
- Anna' ruck work and ability to run all game was outstanding
- Hannah going to full back after Megan went off showed another strong option for us with her long kicking to advantage and run off half back
- Morgan back in the middle, kicking our first goal and providing another onball option.
- Vicki's strength around the packs with many tackles and clearances. Her first quarter opportunity running into goal must occur more in the next important games
- Liz getting back in the second half and her goal kicking ability.
- Leah's drive and run in the middle provides more options playing on ball
-.Sarah Williams run, marking and forward movement of the ball was so important today
-,Wizz's 3, goals and smart play up forward is so valuable to the team
- Kylie, Lucinda and Lauren's defensive work stopped several Rosebud attacks.
- Meagans contesting on the wing and up forward
- Tahlia's marking and forward play was great to watch today, along with her courage in aerial contests all game. Her collision and injury was hard to watch, which we all hope she is back on her feet quickly as she is such an important part of the group on the field but more so off the field too. Get well Tahlia!
- Megan also getting taken to hospital was hard to watch as she has been such an important player at full back all year but off the field she so important too.
- Every other player on and off the bench did their bit when they had an opportunity, Amanda, Nicole, Michelle, Amy, Corinna, Tyla,even if it was for short periods
- All four emergencies in Becci, Gail, Sarah and Ellie being there and supporting the team today.

You have all earnt the right to be proud of what you have achieved in our very first season, as I did not expect us to finish 2 games clear on top, in what was a tough draw. Early in the year I liked the fact that we were to play Hallam, Seaford and Rosebud in the last 3 games( tough games) as I knew it would indicate where we were at. Now we have to decide "is that enough" or do we want more, to win a final is our next challenge. Nothing worth having ever come easy and when it's hard and you fight to win something, it is so much better. That's our next challenge, win a final!

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