Women's Senior Football- Round 4

Women’s Football











Goal Kickers: A. Sanford 2, H. Lewis, E. Muir, R. Dunn
Best Players: A. Sanford, G. Parker, K. Middleton, L. Noonan, V. Sanford


Happy Mother's Day to all our mothers and mums and to those mums not with us, thank you for making us who we are today.
Football games are not all about winning, to me they are about being part of a team and experiencing and being apart of those games that bring the best out in us. Those games that help build a "team", made up of mates, that will do anything for a teammate and the team. Today was one of those days and games. I think the messages that are already being shared (Renee's) says it all. The way our "team" played the last quarter to win a tough game was great to watch, particularly how Hannah lead and inspired everyone made the win so much more special.
Thank you to everyone today, I am so proud.

- Hannah's run around the ground and 50 metre bomb goal just before 3/4 time, and inspirational last quarter
- Vicki's first half in the centre the back up strength across half back when Georgia went off
- Laura's strength and run around the ground and ruck work all day
- Kaila's game across half back stopped many attacks and she successfully kept the ball in front of her all day
- Amanda's two goals in the first half and good work around the ground on the ball in the second half. Plus her "Speech?" when Georgia got injured (where does she get that from?)
- Ginger's marking and run all day playing on the ball and across half back
- Both Meagan and Kylie' s games today with constant attack on the ball, which turned many Hallan opportunities into attacking moves for us
- Megan's game at full back stopped several Hallam scoring opportunities and he smart positioning in the last quarter in the goal square 
- Liz providing a target up forward, when hampered by a bad knee (which needs looking at and fixing) and her attack on a contest late in the last quarter against 5 Hallam players, to win a kick 40 metres forward, then to sprint to the next contest to win another forward move.
- Speedy battling hard across half back and played her best footy in the second quarter on the ball.
- Contesting and hard work of Bek, Michelle, Becci, Tyla, Sarah Elsdon and Amy, who are all learning and developing new footy skills each week.
- Sarah Williams second game of footy and quick improvement after only 1 training run, and her run and kick into our forward line in the last quarter
- Wizz playing off the bench and smart goal to seal the win in the last quarter

In summary, a very hard game of footy, which every player was needed to lift and work together to win. It wasn't so much our skills today that won the game, it was our passion, feeling and united commitment to each other that willed us to a very satisfying result. You won as a "team" today!

- Hannah Lewis, 50 metre bomb goal that put us 1 point up at 3/4 time and inspirational last quarter.
- Renee Dunn's last quarter goal and wanting to play so badly today
- Kaila Middletons game across half back and strong last quarter

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