Women's Senior Football- Round 5

Round 4 vs Rosebud

Mornington:8.8.56 defeated Rosebud :3.7.25
Goals: Morgan Bain 2, Renee Dunn 2, Hannah Lewis 2, Liz Muir 1, Katey Rudolph 1
Best: Vicki, Morgan, Hannah, Meagan, Laura, Renee, Ginger, Lucinda, the team

Our game against Rosebud, a team in its second year, was a very good win, which every player made a contribution at some stage during the game. We will only continue to play solid footy if our less experienced players make contributions when they get their opportunities. Please enjoy the win and the season so far, but don' get carried away, we are only 5 games into the season and anything can happen from here. We have several players not available from week to week and with injuries can change our team very quickly. "Every" player must work to improve their skills and build their fitness so that when the team needs a contribution they will be ready.

- A very strong team game for four quarters, at no stage did we stop working together.
- Wighty's tackling and attack on the ball all day against her old team, was great to watch
- Three new players in Katey, Nicole and Min made our bench strong
- Corrina stripped and ready to play only to show strength in numbers
- Vicki's leadership and game at CHB against much taller opposition was a testament to her commitment to the team
- Having Morgan back in the team and her outstanding game in the centre
- Liz continually putting her body on the line for the team. An inspirational leader
- Being able to play Wizz across half forward all game and her smart use of the ball and two goals
- Hannah' constant attack and run and 45 m goal from a kick in mark
- Laura's ruck work and her ability to get around players and Hard run all game.
- Meagan Wintons solid play and mental strength against an apponent who was frustrated because she was beaten for the ball.
- Strong defensive play from all backline players, Lucinda ( best game so far)' Vicki, Meagan, Kylie, Michelle, Nicole and Kaila.
- Gingers play on the ball but more her marking and run around the ground
- Becci's contesting and smoother and continual improvement (also best game so far)
- Continual development of Tyla, Bek, and Sarah
- Katey's marking and first goal for the year

Our challenge is to continually improve, which means all the players I have been running off the bench need our coaching and encouragement, senior players need to mentor them to improve their skills so that their involvement on the ground can be increased, and when their opportunity comes they will contribute to the team.

Another highlight for me was the spirit we are building, which was evident at the BBQ with laughter and friendship around the fire at our Rosebud home, after the game. Plus the return of "Greg" who was a winner on the day!

Gary Sanford

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