Women's Senior Football- Round 6

Mornington vs Seaford

Mornington: 6.8.44 defeated Seaford:4.6.30
Goals: Imani Franci 4, Renee Dunn 1, Hannah Lewis 1
Best: Lucinda Strong, Vicki Sanford, Sarah Williams, Laura Noonan, Amanda Sanford, Imani Francis, Ginger Parker, Hannah Lewis, the team

One of the challenges I felt we faced coming into this game was with 5 good wins from 5 games when we found ourselves behind in a game we would struggle to motivate ourselves to do what was needed to win a game of footy. Today we played a better skilled team all over the ground and at half time we found ourselves behind 2.3.15 to 3.4.22 and kicking against a slight breeze in the 3rd quarter. Our first half we had every player giving 100% but with little passion and excitement about the game and each other. At half I said I didn't care if we won lost or drew, all I wanted was a team of players who played and did everything they could for a team mate. Well our 3rd quarter was all about team spirit kicking 3.2 to 1.2 against they breeze. At 3rd time we found ourselves up by 5 points and full of excitement and passion for each other. Our last quarter was a hard battle with only 1 goal in the last quarter by us.Today was a win is best quoted as a win by a "champion team" against a team of champions. Very prod of every player today, particularly some of our developing less experienced players.



Lucinda's game in the centre and her constant tackling and pressure she put on Seaford players all day
Sarah Williams game on the wing and second half running on the ball and her constant improvement every week.
Laura Noonan's ruck work all game and strength around the ground
Amanda's clean use of the ball and her good ball skills
Imani' four goals and being a focal point up forward
Vicki's leadership and excellent work at centre half back
Meagans strong work around several packs enabled several clearances our way.
Gingers marking and run across half back in the second half
Hannah's third quarter and strong running and ball carry all game
Kaila's second half on the ball making several clearances
Bec's mark in the first quarter and strong attack on the ball at several contests.
Tyla spending more game time and contesting in the backline against good opposition
Nicole's clearance late in the last quarter stopped any chance Seaford had in the dying minutes of the game
Michelle and Amy's strong defensive work all game
Renee,s goal from the boundary and smart forward work when she was physically feeling sick
Corrina's strength around several contests and influence on our forward contests
Megan's work at full back provided stability after limited opportunities up forward.
Sarah Elsdon although having limited opportunities today showed increased attack on the ball and making contest to keep our ball in the forward line

This game was a very good team win which you should all enjoy and be proud of how you all contributed towards the win.

Lucinda's many many tackles all game
Imani's 4 goals and smart play up forward
Sarah Wiiliams very good game and continual improvement every week 

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