Women's Senior Football- Round 7

Results - Mornington: 2.9.21 lost to Beaconsfield 7.11.53

Goals: Hannah Lewis 1, Renee Dunn 1
Best: Vicki Sanford, Megan Winton, Ginger Parker, Meagan Wightman, Amanda Sanford, Renee Dunn

Coaches Report

It's hard to report too much on a game I was unfortunately not at and our first loss for for the year. With several players out for various reason we had 18 players available and no bench for the game, which was going to make it difficult playing a strong team like Beaconsfield.
With the score at half time Mornington 0.5.5 to Beaconsfield 6.8.44 it would have been easy to see a big blow out, however the final score indicates this was not the case. Mornington 2.9.21 to Beaconsfield 7.11.53. Out scoring Beaconsfield in the second half was a great effort, particularly the last quarter indicates real character was shown by the team.
I congratulate and thank all players for teaming together and finishing the game as a team.
I would like to particularly thank the following players:
- Ginger Parker, for giving up netball umpiring to play with the team
- Amanda Sanford for giving up playing netball to play with the team
- Kylie Tate for supporting the team to play.
- Renee Dunn for playing when she was still sorting out work replacements
Without these players we would have struggled to field a team
- The whole team for sticking together to play a hard fought contest.

I also want to thank Glenn Parker for helping coach the team when I couldn't be there.

I apologise to all players that I couldn't be there to support the team on the day.

We now have had 3 weeks off, which has given us time to regroup and look forward the the second half of the year. Yes we are already half way.

Gary Sanford

Women's Coach

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