Women's Senior Football- Round 8

Mornington FNC 26.11.177 defeated Endeavour Hills 0.2.2

Goals: Renee Dunn 6, Hanna Lewis 5, Tahli Westlake 4, Liz Muir 4, Morgan Bain 3, Anna Groenewald 1, Meahgan Weightman 1, Sarah Elsdon 1, Megan Winton 1
Best: Tahli Westlake, Hannah Lewis, Kaila Middleton, Anna Groenewald, Renee Dunn, Morgan Bain, Kylie Tate the team

It was great to get back to playing footy after 3 weeks off and start the second half of the year with a very good display of team footy. Getting two of our leaders back in Liz and Speedy added real strength and structure to our team. Plus having 3 new players in Anna, Gail and "Ellie" was a great bonus, particularly how they all played. This was the second time this year we kicked more goals than points, so all those goal misses at training on Friday night must have worked in getting them out of your systems. It was also good to have 4 on the bench, which enabled better rotation of players during the game.

- Kylie and Anna taking the challenge to ruck during the game with both doing great work around the ground
- Tahli' game at CHF was fantastic in her second game back with 4 goals
- Hannah's run and ball carry and 5 goal, with one from outside fifty that bounced through and past everyone
- First goal for the year from Sarah, Meaghan nand Megan Winton
- Effective handballs from Tyla (now "T") and Sarah while being tackled in a pack that resulted in goals
- The effective and skilful work of all backline players, who had limited opportunities with the ball mainly in our forward half. It was what Kaila, Ginger, Lucinda, Megan, Speedy did when the ball went into defence that impressed me the most.
- Jess's first game back against the team she broke her arm was great to watch and I look forward to her confidence growing each week.
- Our on ballers in Morgan, Leah Vicki and "Ellie" gave us great drive all day, which got better the longer the game went on as they all got used to playing with each other.
- Leadership of Vicki on field when the ball wasn't bouncing her way.
- Renee's straight kicking and leadership in front of goals
- The structure Liz provides to the team and a clear target and leader in front of goals
- Nicole's contesting and hard work up forward helped create many opportunities.
- Amy's contesting up forward before getting injured
- The ball skills shown by Gail in her first game will only improve with more training and game time.
- The added depth to our playing group that our three new players added will makes us a stronger playing group.
- The fact the we had Laura, Amanda, Sarah Williams, Michelle, Bek, Becci, and Corrina (hope I havnt missed anyone?)all out unavailable shows the depth we are building. It also indicates the importance over the coming weeks of getting to training and communication to Vicki and I, as team selections are going to get tougher in the coming weeks, which is a real positive position our team will be in.

A great win with everyone contributing. I mentioned this at 3 quarter time about "everyone" can contribute on the field even when the ball is not bouncing your way. It's easy to play footy when it is, but real character and team spirit is shown when players contribute when they are not having a good day. Everyone can talk and encourage and direct on the field, having players do this is like having extra players on the field. This is the message I gave one of our captains when she took herself off in the 3rd quarter because "she was playing badly". Vicki's leadership is an example of how her on field talking is so important to our team wether she has the ball or not. This example needs to be understood by everyone onfieldvtalkingvand communication is so important to any teams success and everyone can do it! Wether you are having a good day or bad!

- Sarah Elsdon: first goal for the Season and effective handball while being tackled, which resulted in a goal
- Anna' first game, particularly her work in the ruck iaround the ground
- Jess: first game back after breaking her hand against Endeavour Hills in our only practice match before the season started 

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