Women's Senior Football- Round 9

Mornington FNC 10.9.69 defeated Knox 3.7.25

Goals: Sarah Wiiliams 2, Liz Muir 2, Hannah Lewis 2, Renee Dunn 2, Gabby Foon 1, Amy Day 1
Best: Ginger Parker, Anna Groenewald, Vicki Sanford, Hannah Lewis, Georgia Speedy, Leah Sutcliffe, Amanda Sanford, Renee Dunn, Kaila Middleton, the whole team

Another very good win against a tough opposition. No game of footy should be easy and Sunday's was no exception. When you can walk off after a game, as a team, knowing that there were no easy kicks and everyone contributed, with a win, the feeling should be good, and it was. We need to continue this attitude to all our games and every opposition because footy is only enjoyable, knowing when you walk off the ground, you did everything you could, for your team mates, and the team.

- The stability and strength of our back line lead by our half backs in Ginger, Speedy and Kaila who all responded well to the pressure they faced in this game.
- How we responded to Knox kicking the first goal in less than a minute!
- Two new players in Gabby and Ellie with Gabby kicking our first goal and Ellie putting her hand up to play for Knox.
- Becci, Sarah Elsdon, Ellie and Amy all helping out Knox when it would have been more enjoyable playing for their own team
- Sarah Williams kicking her first goal for the season from a set shot and following it up with a second in the last quarter
- Amy Day's first goal of the year
- Starting the game with 4 on the bench and two players loaned to Knox
- Vicki's strength in the centre with numerous tackles (bigger opposition) and several smothers showed great leadership
- Liz's move back to CHF and immediate impact on the game and her two goal
- In only her second game Anna's influence on the game and our team
- Amanda's clean skilful use of the ball with several effective handballs to team mates running past
- Renne's skills up forward, her run and ball winning ability along with straight kicking.
- Hard contesting and attack on the ball from Kylie and Wighty all game
- The run and carry of our on ball players and midfield in Leah, Hannah and Jess
- The stability and strength Megan provides to our team week in week out at full back
- The flexibility Nicole provides me to play her down back or up forward knowing she will contribute to the team at either end
- Bek's two marks in the last quarter and almost first goal in the third quarter
- More game time for Tyla with her making several contests
- Corinna strength when up forward and her ability to seemingly "freeze" time with the ball with nobody coming near her.
- Kicking more goals than points

A strong win which puts us on top of the ladder after 9 rounds, which is a great position to be in but one I'm not sure I like? I prefer knowing we have to work harder to beat opponents that have beaten us and I know other teams will all be looking forward to playing us and knocking us off the top! We don't have any "easy" draw which I am so thankful for, because that's our challenge. After this weeks game we will play four sides in a row that will be playing to make the final four, and us "thinking " we are already there. Imagine if we lost the last 4 games? Our challenge and goal is week by week to work harder on the training track to make sure this doesn't happen!

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